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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

I'm a Running Diva!

Feeling better because I had a great night spending money.  So, I went to Diva Night at Fleet Feet Sports. At first, I felt very out of place. I figured someone would figure out that I was not really a runner and point to me and yell "fraud!" In fact, everyone was pretty nice. And - I was not the largest girl there (I figured everyone would be these athletic, toned, crazy running people wearing big race numbers and marathon medals). In fact, they were pretty normal.

I got fitted for a sports bra. Very carefully - much more effort was put into it here than ever at Victoria's Secret. I got one from Moving Comfort - the Maia in white. Yes, I'm writing in public about bras. Who cares? I discovered that my bra size has decreased significantly since I was last sized at Victoria's Secret. I don't know how I feel about that. The numbers, I can handle, but the cup size? No. If I go down lower than C I'm going to cry. The twins mean a lot to me.

I also got running shorts in black. Ah, shorts. I needed them. And I got a new top.

Then, shoes. When the girl who fit me for the sports bra found out that I was a new runner, she looked at my shoes and encouraged me to get fitted for actual running shoes. A nice guy helped me. First, he looked at my feet (and I'm a little bit shy about my feet, so that was weird). Then, he gave me some shoes to run in. He put me on the treadmill and had me run with a camera on my feet. Then, he took me outside and had me run and walk around outside because apparently since I walk with my toes turned out a bit, it's hard to see with the camera. I knew that I did this - my mother has pointed it out to me only about a billion times. Plus, I call it a "fat person waddle" and would love to get rid of it. At one point, the chiropractor let me know that I do it because my instep is so high, apparently that gait is more common in people with high insteps. 

So, dude looked at my shoes. His only comment was "WHO FIT YOU IN THESE?" Um... me. I was too embarassed to tell him that not only did I fit myself, but I ordered them over the internet... That's why I bought New Balance - I had tried some New Balance on in the store and knew my size... which was apparently the wrong size. I was close though. Only half a size off, and he said it was most likely because of my wide feet. He actually fit me in wide shoes. Rectangle feet. Anyway, he put me in some shoes. I tried on three pairs and ran outside in each. One just felt bad. With the two that I liked, he put one on each foot and had me run in them. The choice was easy and it wasn't New Balance. I got Asics. Apparently, I am fairly neutral and don't over-pronate too much. 

Then, he gave me a lecture about my socks. And I was wearing my best socks. He said that I shouldn't wear cotton. Seriously, he should see some of my other socks. So, he made me buy socks. 

So, I bought a lot of stuff. They encouraged me to come running with them tomorrow at 6:30, but I am going to J. Patrick's tomorrow and won't have time. They apparently go 3.2 miles, which I guess is 5k. They said they have all levels and I would fit in great. We'll see. Not tomorrow, but maybe another time.

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