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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Huzzah! It's over!

Don't know what my official time was, but the time on the doohickey when I crossed the finish line was 40:52. PLENTY of people finished after me, which is really what's important, right? Anyway, I didn't quite make my goal of 39 minutes, which would have put me at a 13-minute mile, but it's not far off. My pace was about 13:10 or so, which is pretty good, and actually better than I've been doing, I think.

Let's see. I went to the T's last night for poker and fight night, and left before the fight night part. Indulged in some pasta, lost some money. You know, the usual. Got home, couldn't sleep. I didn't want to take a melatonin because I was afraid I would wake up groggy, but by 12:30 I figured that even if I didn't take it, I was going to wake up groggy from not sleeping at all. So, I took it and was up at 5am anyway. I had been dreaming that Dave, My mom, Vic and I were trying to get sushi before the race. They went to bring the sushi and I said, "No, I really must go run a race really quick, but save it and I'll eat it when I'm done." Very bizarre. Then, in the dream, I tried to get to the race but I couldn't find it and I missed the start of it. Alarm went off at 5:30. I ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Bad idea? I don't know. Light shower, got ready and headed out.

The harbor smelled like urine. So, as it turns out, the sewage smell at Lake Elkhorn was actually training for pee smell during the 5k. Who'd have thought? We milled around for a while, got some water, did a warm-up by Merritt Athletic Club. During the warm up, there was only stretching for both calves and the left quad. Terrible. I stretched some on my own. Then, we moved like lemmings up to the starting line on Key Highway. Starting horn and people went from talking to "oh, right, we're racing" and people started jogging and/or walking. I was right behind Denise Koch.

Mile One
Mile one was fine. No issues. In general, my heart rate was high. I was nervous. Butterflies in my stomach all morning, general tired feeling. My heart rate was 121 before even starting the race. That's HIGH, my normal pre-workout walk around rate is more like 90-110. Still, I managed to run the entire first mile. I found someone running at a good pace and decided to stick with her, but then she started walking and I passed her and never saw her again. Others I passed and they passed me later on or whatever. The first, second and third place people passed me right as I was turning up to Fort Avenue.

Mile Two
Mile one ended right at the fire station on Fort Avenue. They gave us water. I drank the water. The water made me feel like I was going to vomit. I threw the rest on the ground. Heart rate 178, way higher than I would tolerate on a normal run. Nerves. I tried to think happy thoughts. Happy thoughts made me feel like blowing chunks. I had to walk. I walked for a couple minutes. On a normal run, I would walk until my heart rate was 145, but I couldn't get it to drop below 155, no matter how slow I walked. So, running again. Running shot the heart rate right back up above 170. Then, HRM decided to act all funky and said that my heart rate was 87. I was like, great, I'm either getting ready to pass out or I'm dead. Or both. I think it needs a new battery. Turned around.

Mile Three
Mile three was easy and seemed short, but it was here where I was suddenly thinking It's damn hot out here. Right at the Visionary Art Museum it started getting HOT. Had I been less nervous, I might have begun to sing some Nelly. Or, I might have taken off all my clothes. You know, hip hop. Anyway, there was a set of women around me that I was consistently passing and then I would walk and then they would pass me and then they would walk and I would pass them. We were all sticking together. I beat some of them. Ha. Mile three ended right before entering Rash Field, that poor guy announcing the end of mile three also had to be the one to tell us that we had to finish with a lap around the field. I'm shocked women weren't punching him.

Enter the field, there was Dave! Yay! They called my name, and that lap was farther than expected and I had to walk part of it. But, I ran a tad faster crossing the finish line, but my heart rate was so high (by then it was 179) that I couldn't go as fast as I normally could have. It didn't drop down to 140 again for a good ten minutes. I wanted to just die right there. Somebody gave me water, took my chip thing from my ankle and a boy scout gave me a rose. I felt bad for the boy scouts at the end of the line because everyone was taking the roses from the first and second boy scouts in line.

In the end, it was good. Hopefully, I will be less nervous next time and can achieve a better result. Maybe I will run the Pikesville 5k in July. We'll see. TK said he'd run it with me. It has a sumptuous breakfast... ooo!

Here I am... after, I'm so gorgeous.

More photos out at our gallery site.

Off to the Ennis Birthday Extravaganza.
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