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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Oriole Advocates 5k 2005

Ah, another race. I don't know my time. I looked it up, but I forgot it. This one is by far the most fun of the 3 that I've done. It started at 8am at Camden Yards, in the parking lot near the Marc Train Tracks. TK and Dave were running with me. We sort of stood around, it was a rather disorganized beginning. Then, the horn and we were off.

I had more trouble with this one, I felt more tired than usual. I guess it was because I was running faster. We went out of Camden Yards towards the inner harbor (that road that goes by the Convention Center) and then made a right on Light Street and around Key Highway. Some of the course was the same as the Baltimore Women's Classic. My time crossing Mile 1 was a shocking 11:44! That's the fastest mile I've ever run. To the 16+ minute miler of old, I say bah! I missed seeing TK at the point where I could see the runners coming back, but it turns out he had already passed and turned off to go up into Federal Hill anyway. I did pass Dave, but I was too hot and tired to acknowledge him.

I had to start walking pretty early in mile 2, and a guy jogged up and started talking to me. He was telling me about some other races he'd been in, and that his first race had been a 10k. It sounded like he'd been racing for a while, but then he was back there with me, so how good could he be, you know? I jogged along with him for a while, but he eventually jogged on ahead of me. We turned up Federal Hill. That SUCKED. The road was brick and very bumpy - just asking for a turned ankle. There was a pregnant woman jogging along with me. She would pass me and then I would pass her, etc. She was VERY pregnant - in her last month to be exact, but she was doing a great job. Were I to get pregnant, I would want that to be me. I would need to stay in shape the whole time. I wouldn't want to be someone that eats everything in sight, assuming that the pounds will just drop off while I'm nursing. Ugh. No thanks. I figure she was in as good a place as any, what with the medical staff on site and all. Good for her! I ended up beating her, I had to. That became my one goal.

Mile 2 was at the end of Federal Hill, 23:46, just over 12 minutes for the second mile, even with all of the walking. CRAZY! I must have really been running faster than usual. Buses had started to pass and I was choking in the exhaust. It was hot out. It sucked. Over a bridge and then we went past Ravens Stadium and through the parking lot of Camden Yards. Around the parking lot. No split times on mile 3, not even a mile marker to mark where mile 3 was. Down through the tunnel into the stadium itself, and out onto the warning track. I heard Dave yelling for me and TK was up in the stands with LS telling me that there was ice cream at the finish line (!).

Final time: somewhere in the 38-minute zone. I cracked 40 minutes, and by a longshot! Much better than expected, I was thinking I was going to be very very slow today. My hip flexors had been killing me after a lower abdominal workout Thursday at the gym. Dave was at the finish line to congratulate me, and then there was a breakfast of Outback Steakhouse Chicken Caesar Salads (which Dave loved, as he does not like lettuce) :).

Door prizes! I won a book! Hooray! I gave it to Dave, as I don't really care that much about the baseball hall of fame.

Another race? Well, maybe this one, but it is the weekend of Whitewater Rafting and I'm worried that I'm going to get injured on the raft like I did last year. So, we'll see.

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