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Monday, August 1, 2005

National Conference!

Back from conference!! It was awesome, as usual. I was feeling down about my business before I left, but now I'm feeling re-energized and excellent! I've got a challenge to do four parties in August. This is going to be tough because I only have one scheduled. Does anyone want to have a party in August?!

Nothing huge went on at conference that would be of any interest to anyone that reads my blog. I got to see the new fall/winter offerings, but I can't post them here, so if you want to know you'll have to read my business newsletters that I send out. Had two roommates this year, TA and MBR, and I hadn't met either of them prior to conference. They turned out to be really great people, so I was pleased.

I took Midwest Airlines to Minneapolis. I have found a new love in Midwest Airlines. First off, all of the seats on the plane are business-class sized. Leather, and there are 2 seats where three would normally be on an airline. The other good part - cookies. They bake chocolate chip cookies on the plane and pass them out to everyone while they're still warm. YUMMY!!! Everything is better with cookies.

A few traveling observations...

  1. On the plane from National to Milwaukee, I was sitting next to a guy wearing shorts and scrubs. This meant one of several things. He could be a doctor. He could also have escaped from surgery or a mental institution. He could have been in a hospital with his wife who was having a baby, and needed to change his shirt because he had baby gook all over it. Or, he could be posing as a worker in a hospital, but he is really a doctor who was falsely accused of killing his wife and is traveling the country in search of the one-armed man who was the real culprit. I didn't ask him why he was wearing scrubs, but I assumed he was a doctor.
  2. Having a doctor next to me on the plane made me think that he would be a good person to be next to if the plane crashed. I was also thinking of what other professions would be good to share a row with on a plane. I thought of doctor or paramedic (to offer medical assistance in the event of a crash), martial arts expert (in the event of a hijacking), comedian or short story writer, such as David Sedaris or Jon Stewart (to keep me entertained), Mime (while annoying, this would make a great story to tell later and he wouldn't talk, which is a good thing), millionare of any sort (especially ones that like giving away money to strangers)... I am sure there are more.
  3. At my layover in Milwaukee coming home, I bought Dave a hat shaped like cheese. He seemed to really like it. I had to really wonder what sort of bizarre things people must put through security. I'm sure the cheese hat looked funny in the x-ray. I've also been known to send through stuffed animals, wine, a cell phone that was ringing, and a McDonald's Happy Meal.
  4. I find it impossible to take off from National Airport without thinking about the plane that crashed into the 14th Street Bridge.
  5. I think it's silly that the seats on a flight can be used as flotation devices. I think this fact gives people false hope about surviving a crash into the ocean. Water landings are pretty much impossible to survive. Even a low crash (like the 14th Street Bridge accident) is fairly unsurvivable. Obviously, some people disagree.
  6. In addition, the inflatable slides that come off of a plane in an emergency seem really really fun. I know the crash part would suck, but certainly the best part of a crash would have to be sliding down the inflatable slide. Find the good in everything! Even a plane crash can have some positives.
  7. I went running in Minneapolis on both Friday and Saturday. I discovered that Minneapolis has a shocking number of squirrels living there. I also saw a bright green and yellow bird that had to be somebody's pet. I stuck my finger out, but it refused to land on it.

That's about it for now.

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