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Friday, October 14, 2005


I reached my Weight Watchers Goal Weight today - 153. This wasn't my original goal weight. My goal weight was 147 in 2000, but at age 25 the limits change, so I raised my goal to 153 when I turned 25. Kind of strange. There wasn't any fanfare or anything, I just got on the scale, said "oh, 153." Then, a few minutes later I realized it was my goal. So, I can go back for free, although I don't intend to.

I've been very anti-Weight Watchers lately. Not to offend or discourage anyone who is on it, though. If you're on it and you're happy and it's working for you, stick with it!!! I just don't see, realistically, how it can work forever for most people. I think most people are like me - it works for a while (and for some, a much shorter while than it worked for me) and then the program starts to sabotage itself. Think about it - no matter what beliefs you have in WW, it's still a business, they're there to make money. Do you really think they'd be as successful as they are if the program worked for everyone? Of course not - people would reach their goals, reach lifetime, and live happily ever after as free lifetime members. The program is successful [at making money] because it is unsuccessful [at keeping the weight off for most]. Results not typical.

I think of WW as an entry level diet plan. It gets you used to looking at labels, thinking about working out (they have a deal with Curves now) and eating healthier. After a while, it falls short. The meetings are too beginner, the focus on the scale is too closed minded, people start to get bored. For me, it was the food I was eating. WW certainly doesn't advocate eating the same thing over and over, but that's what I was doing. And I was bored. People plateau, they're frustrated. It doesn't work. And like a moron, I kept going back. It wasn't working for me and I tried and tried for FOUR YEARS. The flaw wasn't me. The flaw was WW.

People turn to Points because they see it as easier. Yet, doesn't it make us just a little bit dependent on a corporation? On a proprietary measurement? I admit, the first few weeks that I started counting calories rather than points, I had no clue how many I was supposed to be eating. Points hide the reality - you don't really know how many calories you're eating and you don't really know how many calories you're supposed to be eating. Points made me psycho.

The last straw for me was really the whole working out thing. I am working out hardcore. I'm doing intense step workouts, running, rock climbing... At the meetings, we were talking about Curves and walking. Just like WW, Curves is great, but it's entry level. I was beyond that. I was beyond taking a walk for fitness. I couldn't relate to them. And when my leader pulled out the Morningstar Farms Veggie Patties to show the newer members, that was it. I'd eaten so many of those stupid patties that the sight of the box made me want to gag.

Don't get me wrong. WW is not evil. I'm unhappy with them, but they're a good plan if you don't intend to stick with them forever. They helped me lose 50 pounds. The introduced me to eating better. They helped me see myself as something other than a fat girl. They were my stepping stone to the place where I am now with my fitness and weight. I thank them. Yet, sometimes, you just have to move on to better things.

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