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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Oriole Advocates 5k 2005

Ah, another race. I don't know my time. I looked it up, but I forgot it. This one is by far the most fun of the 3 that I've done. It started at 8am at Camden Yards, in the parking lot near the Marc Train Tracks. TK and Dave were running with me. We sort of stood around, it was a rather disorganized beginning. Then, the horn and we were off.

I had more trouble with this one, I felt more tired than usual. I guess it was because I was running faster. We went out of Camden Yards towards the inner harbor (that road that goes by the Convention Center) and then made a right on Light Street and around Key Highway. Some of the course was the same as the Baltimore Women's Classic. My time crossing Mile 1 was a shocking 11:44! That's the fastest mile I've ever run. To the 16+ minute miler of old, I say bah! I missed seeing TK at the point where I could see the runners coming back, but it turns out he had already passed and turned off to go up into Federal Hill anyway. I did pass Dave, but I was too hot and tired to acknowledge him.

I had to start walking pretty early in mile 2, and a guy jogged up and started talking to me. He was telling me about some other races he'd been in, and that his first race had been a 10k. It sounded like he'd been racing for a while, but then he was back there with me, so how good could he be, you know? I jogged along with him for a while, but he eventually jogged on ahead of me. We turned up Federal Hill. That SUCKED. The road was brick and very bumpy - just asking for a turned ankle. There was a pregnant woman jogging along with me. She would pass me and then I would pass her, etc. She was VERY pregnant - in her last month to be exact, but she was doing a great job. Were I to get pregnant, I would want that to be me. I would need to stay in shape the whole time. I wouldn't want to be someone that eats everything in sight, assuming that the pounds will just drop off while I'm nursing. Ugh. No thanks. I figure she was in as good a place as any, what with the medical staff on site and all. Good for her! I ended up beating her, I had to. That became my one goal.

Mile 2 was at the end of Federal Hill, 23:46, just over 12 minutes for the second mile, even with all of the walking. CRAZY! I must have really been running faster than usual. Buses had started to pass and I was choking in the exhaust. It was hot out. It sucked. Over a bridge and then we went past Ravens Stadium and through the parking lot of Camden Yards. Around the parking lot. No split times on mile 3, not even a mile marker to mark where mile 3 was. Down through the tunnel into the stadium itself, and out onto the warning track. I heard Dave yelling for me and TK was up in the stands with LS telling me that there was ice cream at the finish line (!).

Final time: somewhere in the 38-minute zone. I cracked 40 minutes, and by a longshot! Much better than expected, I was thinking I was going to be very very slow today. My hip flexors had been killing me after a lower abdominal workout Thursday at the gym. Dave was at the finish line to congratulate me, and then there was a breakfast of Outback Steakhouse Chicken Caesar Salads (which Dave loved, as he does not like lettuce) :).

Door prizes! I won a book! Hooray! I gave it to Dave, as I don't really care that much about the baseball hall of fame.

Another race? Well, maybe this one, but it is the weekend of Whitewater Rafting and I'm worried that I'm going to get injured on the raft like I did last year. So, we'll see.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Cathe Roadtrip 2005

(Rather than using initials as I usually would, I'm going to use screennames here.)

I'm so tired.

Friday, FitDoggie met me at my house at 4 or so. She was running late, but so was I. We hit traffic on 695 and then again once we got into Delaware, and then again on the Jersey Turnpike. We finally made it to the hotel at about 6:30 or so. Roses was our other roomie, but she hadn't gotten in yet. We left the Radisson and walked over to the Ramada for the Meet & Greet at 7:30.

I recognized Kathy G right off the bat! Her before and after photosonline are so great. The meet & greet was rather uneventful, we kind of sat around and got name tags, and collected our Who's Who books with photos and bios of all of the participants. I met Kila8250 and we were going to go out to dinner, but I still couldn't find Roses. Finally, I got her on her cell phone and she had already found a group that was going out to a mexican restaurant. We all loaded up and headed out, and I ended up spending a lot of the trip with these same people. At the restaurant, I sort of seemed a bit shocking because I decided since it was so late I was just going to have ice cream. So, I introduced myself to all of these fitness people as the one that ordered ice cream for dinner. They started calling me Baskin Robbins. Back to the hotel to sleep by about 11:15.

We were up bright and early to get to the gym for step class. FitDoggie was taking the bus, but Roses was riding with me. The directions to the gym were flat out wrong and we got a little lost, but we made it on time. As a general rule, the whole weekend ran late. We stuffed everything into our lockers and then headed to the set where Cathe's workout videos are filmed. It was about what I was expecting. I've been on television sets before and I know that it always looks smaller than you expect it to, etc. We all lined up for agroup photo. Spare your eyes the scrutinizing, I'm in the top row directly below the space between "Road" and "Trip."

Step class started around 9:30 or so. It was probably my favorite for the trip. I really didn't mess up too much, and it was at just the perfect intensity for me (a lot of Cathe's step videos are too intense for me). It only lasted about 45 minutes, though, which was sad because I could have kept on going. I guess she didn't want us to burn out right away. The room HUGE, but it was cold when the "big ass fans" were turned on (those were some huge fans, I forgot to get a photo), and the acoustics were poor so it was hard to understand Cathe's voice.

The trip wasn't doing wonders for my body image. There were some HOT women there. Roses herself looked at least 5 or 6 years younger than she really was. I usually, even at the gym, peek at myself in the mirror to admire how far I've come. This trip made me look around and see how far I still have to go. A little sad, but I'll get there. Maybe it will make me eat less.

Next, I bought a shirt. Then, off to lunch. Lunch took forever, but I got to know my tablemates, Roses, Oldfirmie and TerryMia better. It was really yummy, but sad that Cathe wasn't really around to talk to. The ice cream was the best! (No wonder they're calling me Baskin Robbins)

After lunch, there was a little program called 5 minutes of fame. This was where names had been picked out of a hat and those that were picked got to go onto the set with Cathe, Cedie, Brenda &Lorraine to do a short workout segment. How cool! I wish I had been closer so that I could have gotten better photos.

Then, we got ready for sculpt class. This was the lightest class of the trip. It was very little weight, mostly stability ball work. Even if it was light, it was a ton of fun throwing the balls up in the air and bouncing on them. The stability ball pikes were not fun. I kind of layed on the floor for those, which is normal... both in the fact that I'm always laying on the floor and that I tend to lay down during stability ball pikes.

Later was an "American Idol" segment where some people (volunteers) got up to do segments of Cathe's videos. This was very fun as well and those that particpated got a signed photo of Cathe. I did not participate :(, but FitDoggie did.

Next, Kickboxing. This was a very fun class. We actually had some room to move since it was no equipment. It was definitely more energizing than a kickbox video. At one point, we all were running around in a circle, then we would stop and do moves (kicks and punches and such) into the center of the circle, etc. It was very fun and too short!

That was our final class of the day, so we changed into street clothes and had some dinner on the gym floor. Dinner was pizza and fruit and salad and such. Then, we were back into the aerobics studio to see an excellent Kickboxing demo by Mark Moore. He's a hottie! We did some fitness relays and gave Cathe some gifts. Kila8250 and I did some dancing :)

We finally got back to the hotel and in bed at 11:45. Much later than I would have liked and I was so tired. We were up bright and early at a shocking 6:00. High Step Class started at 7am. This one was really tough for me. I find the quick changes and tough cardio combined with weights very challenging, but I was not exactly bright eyed and bushy tailed today. So, I almost died during this workout. It was also pretty short, but pretty fun. I was in the front row this time and that really helped in knowing what to be doing. Oldfirmie was awesome, doing all 30 pushups on her toes. I kind of struggled doing them on my knees because I still have a bruise from where I hit the soapdish in the shower with my knee earlier in the week.

We went to Five Points Diner for breakfast. We were all so tired, I think we just sort of... sat. On our way out, we said goodbye to Cathe and I explained that I usually cuss at her when I workout with her at home and today I really wanted to cuss at her. She said that if I wasn't cussing, I wasn't working hard enough :) Back to the hotel for a shower and a tiny rest, and then goodbye to Roses. FitDoggie and I drove home and ended up home at about 2:15.

I can tell you that Cathe and company were SMALL. Cathe is only about 5'1" or 5'2" and Cedie and everyone else is about the same. I am in awe of them. I'm in awe of pretty much everyone I met, actually. Once again, I learned at I don't seem to have too much trouble finding friends when I go on a trip where I know no one. It was nice to put some faces to names, although I met very few Ya Yas whom I recognized from the forum. Some recognized me, which was a bit weird.

Sleep. I took a 3 hour nap and I still feel exhausted. Blah. Do I workout tomorrow? We'll see.

Here are some photos... I'm still at this moment fixing/adding captions to them.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Pikesville 5k 2005

Hooray!! Another race! This one was definitely easier than the first, although my time doesn't show it :( TK, CW, Dave and I all ran the Pikesville 5k today. It started at 8am. I picked up my number and I was number 69! TK says, "Number 69 is always a winner."

The course was definitely less interesting, we raced up the community streets right behind Woodholme Center. I ran mostly by myself, Dave started with me, but left me almost immediately. There really wasn't even anyone around me. I managed to run the first 2 1/2 miles. At the second mile marker, I had started thinking that I was going to be able to run the entire 5k, but the last mile was full of hills and halfway up one steep grade, I had to walk. I ran the first mile in 12 minutes on the dot - very impressive and 45 seconds faster than the Baltimore Women's Classic. Mile 2 was about 13 minutes, so I was slowing down. Mile 3 was also about 13 minutes, maybe a little over it. I'm not sure what my official time was, but it was definitely under the last race, but not by much. I think it was somewhere around 40:20, which would put me at about 26 seconds better than two weeks ago.

Even if the time wasn't that much better, at least I know that I'm improving. Two weeks isn't very long for improvement. I was certainly less nervous, although I still didn't sleep last night for more than about 3 hours. Nerves.

I think I'll sit around today and do nothing. No more races in the near future. I have two picked out for labor day weekend - one in Eldersburg and one in Rehoboth Beach, DE. The one I pick to do will depend on if I'm going to Ocean City for Labor Day.

And... I just registered for the 5k event at the Baltimore Running Festival!
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