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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Gasparilla Distance Classic 5k

Ahhh, Florida. Right now, I'm typing on my laptop outside on my sister's porch, sitting by the pool. It's a comfortable 72 degrees today, sunny and warm. We arrived yesterday morning. Sharon, Jillian and Jillian's doll, Joey, picked us up from the airport and we went right down to the convention center to get our race numbers and packets. While we were there, I climbed a rock climbing wall that was set up in the convention center and I must say that I REALLY miss rock climbing and I must get back into it.

We've done a lot of hanging around, both yesterday and today were pretty much lazy days. This morning was the race. It was hot. I've gotten used to running in colder temperatures, no hotter than maybe 55 degrees, and usually at night in the dark. So, switching to 70 degrees with Florida sun was a bit of a change. We had some trouble getting downtown, but we finally got there after Frank let us out and then took the van down to park it. This was a big race. I don't know what the total number of racers was, but it was by far the largest race I've ever run. We were pretty much in a big pack for the entire race. We started out going over a bridge, and there we saw Millie. Millie, according to her t-shirt, is almost 90. Millie is awesome.

I stayed with Sharon until the end of mile 2. Then, we had to do some walking and we got separated. She beat me by maybe a minute. It was pretty hot with the sun beating down as we ran along the waterfront and once again I wonder how in the world I will ever run a marathon...

The great news is that my foot is fine, so it must be fully healed. Hooray!! I had bought a new Polar running computer on Wednesday and the race was the first time that I used it. I think it worked well. Sharon and I got our picture taken with some pirates. Frank, Jillian & Frankie were all waiting at the finish line for us when we crossed. Results aren't posted yet, but I think I did worse than at the Baltimore 5k. That's what happens when you haven't trained at all.

All in all, good times. Tomorrow, Disney World.

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