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Sunday, November 26, 2006

NCR Trail Marathon 2006

It was a secret, and I kept the secret almost. Todd ran the NCR Trail Marathon yesterday as a "training run." I worked the water stop for Fleet Feet, which was at mile 8 and also mile 18 on the course.

Kim, Todd & Lori

The race started at Sparks Elementary School. We picked up Lori from the parking lot where runners were parking and I parked at the school. The race premium for runners was a NICE fleece gator (kinda like a hat/scarf thing), fleece gloves, and a fleece blanket. As a volunteer, I got the gator and the gloves, but not the blanket. Debbie, Karl and Alla were also running the marathon and we saw them at the elementary school. Chris and Theresa were running the relay.

Once the race started, I headed out to the water stop.

The group at the water stop.

We were set up with food, music, water and gatorade. I was on the gatorade side. I think that I have never said "gatorade" so many times in my life. The water stop was so much fun! If you have the opportunity, definitely try it sometime. Kathy was working the intersection and nearly got run over, but it was all good.

Todd and Lori came by at mile 8 and were looking great. Lori was happy as always. Karl and Debbie were also looking good a while later. Alla had come by as well and was... Alla.

Once the last of the runners had passed going north, we shifted efforts for the southbound folks. I must admit that it's a little intimidating when the winning runners come through and you try to get out of their way but also give them hydration. More than once, gatorade was splashed up my arms.

Alla came by going south. She was in fourth place for the females at that point and would end up fourth.

Todd and Lori were next. I have to admit, I was concerned. He seemed ok, but was tired. Granted, I didn't see him at the later stages of the Marine Corps, so I have no comparison. He assured me he was ok and continued on. Debbie and Karl came through, seeming frustrated. I took off right after Debbie passed because I wanted to try and catch Todd and Lori farther down the course.

I had a volunteer map, so I studied the course and decided on Corbett Road and (thankfully) saw them after I'd only been standing there about 5 minutes trying to decide if I'd missed them or not. I ran up the trail and Lori said that Todd was fine, but was "psyching himself out and telling himself he was tired..." So, I asked Todd how he felt. He didn't look good. He continued on and I headed to the finish line.

Lori and Todd running up the hill to the finish

At the finish, I found Todd's parents and talked to his mom for a while before walking farther down the course. The last mile was pretty much uphill and I was worried. Really worried. Chris showed up and waited with me. Finally, I saw them coming up the hill, with Lori being totally awesome and cheering Todd on as he ran up the hill.

They finished 22 minutes faster than Todd's Marine Corps time at 4:33.

Lori and Todd at the finish line.

Hooray for them!! A great job and congrats to both of them. Todd's doing mostly ok, just somewhat sore. No, I still don't agree with the fact that he ran a marathon as a training run, but he did a good job and I'm proud... and glad that he didn't get hurt...
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