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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Video Review: Drill Max

As part of my January rotation, I did Cathe's Drill Max yesterday. This is a 70+ minute video which is a mix of cardio and weights, doing "functional"moves involving hand weights, a balance ball, and a resistance band. There are six "drills" which contain a cardio section, an upper body section, and a lower body section. It starts out intense and gets more and more intense as you go through the workout.

This video was a lot of fun to do. The time went by quickly and I had a great time with the sections that I didn't find exceeding my abilities. I especially loved the sections of the workout where I got to "play" with the balance ball - throwing it up in the air, bouncing it on the floor, tossing it around, etc. However, I did find a lot of the workout to be too high impact for my tastes. For example, the ski hops and bunny hops on and off the step were just too much for me.

I think of this as a "softer" Boot Camp, so if Boot Camp is a little too rough or "manly" for you, you'd like this workout. It is a space hog, though, there are walking lunges and some other lateral moves that require a lot of space. There is also a section of the video where you use the balance ball against a wall, which I would prefer not to do. There are no alternate moves for the wall section, and Cathe doesn't offer low intensity options for the majority of the high intensity moves.

Overall, I give this video 3 1/2 out of 5 stars. It loses points for the high intensity sections with no low intensity options and the wall section with no other options.

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