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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Contest: Haiku!

I wandered around the mall looking for clothes and found none. In comments, please post a haiku (or many haikus)... haikus? Is that the plural of haiku? Anyway, it's a contest. I will be the judge and Friday I will choose the best. The winner gets... hm. The winner gets a blog post about how awesome they are.


Mary said...

btw, I have Lord & Taylor coupons right now and think I'm going back to pick through the clearance rack this weekend if you're interested. You might have better luck with another set of eyes with you.

On an unrelated note, my word verification phrase on this comment contains a 4 letter word.

Sandra said...

I was going to suggest you go with someone you trust. I shopped w/sister and nieces and tried on and bought tops that I NEVER would have even tried on but look good. Try on styles/colors that you would not think to try, you may be surprised. Now how to put that in Haiku form...

In Japanese, nouns do not have different singular and plural forms, so 'haiku' is usually used as both a singular and plural noun in English as well. (Like fish or deer)

Kim said...

I think anyone shopping with me would go crazy if I was in actual shopping form. I tend to cover up my true self when shopping with people. I think no one... that's right NO ONE has seen me in real shopping form, where I stare at the same garment for 20 minutes. I'm not talking trying it on, I'm just staring at it. It's me being neurotic to its most insane form.

Mary, I will have to take this off line, but suffice it to say that for what I need clothes for right now, I need them tomorrow morning.

Joey said...

the bastard fashion
can kill our esteem
let's go kick it in the groin


Joey said...

so that certainly wasn't my best haiku, but sometimes i feel a bit aggressive after i come home from the gym* but this is fun! can you have a haiku contest on running?? please?


can i do a SECOND fashion haiku?

Wacky Neighbor said...

As winter recedes
The squirrel hunts for hidden nuts
Alas he finds none

It's a metaphor.

Nick said...

cherry blossoms bloom
kim seeks to emulate
stores stymie her efforts

Nick said...

I should note that my Haiku is best when being read by George Takei or Ken Watanabe (everything is better with Ken Watanabe) and one of those Japanese flute accent notes at the end.

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