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Tuesday, February 20, 2007


I'm totally going to the Gasparilla Pirate Festival next year. Of course, it would make more sense to just move to Tampa rather than trucking down there once a month.


Lauren said...

"make more sense to just move to Tampa rather than trucking down there once a month"... I couldn't agree more. I always have said you should live there, always will. Just do me a favor, take him with you too. Really. You'd both be much happier there than you are here. And so would many other women in the Baltimore area...

foxdeath said...

Lauren, I told you on Valentines day when you tried to contact me and I will say it again... "Seriously, move on..." It has been many months since we broke up and yet you continue to find any means to make a bitter comment that you can. I know you don't like the word 'psycho', but making comments like this after so many months is a defining characteristic of having some type of mental dysfunction. Please get yourself some help and move on. All of your effort that you spend on holding resentment, looking at the past, and getting upset would be better focused on working on your future. Seriously, I wish you the best and I hope you find happiness but I want you to go away and leave me alone now.

Kim said...

Many other women in the Baltimore area would be happier in Tampa? How's that?

And by "Him" I can only assume you mean The Bug.

Lauren said...

Hi All! Nope, not psycho at all and oh how I have moved on!! I spend no more effort on you than to think of you as 'lost old friends'. And I'm just making a point of something I have long told Kim; that the idea of her moving to FL was a good one, always have thought that, always will. She's wanted to move there for at least 8 years, with her love of Disney (going so far as to having even applied for a job or two there) and she has family in the area. I always loved living in Florida; I speak from personal experience. I just thought if she were going, she could take you along with her, it would be good for your Seasonal Affectiveness Disorder, you'd be closer to your brother and parents in the winter and you could both run, and scuba dive year round. It just makes good sense. I however, do not hide the fact that I wish you only the best - seriously. Best of luck to the both of you. I hope you can find happiness no matter where you are, I just hope it is far away from me.

And yes Kim, the Bug would love it there! So many other Bugs to play with! Good call Kim!

I'm not saying any of this to be mean, or come acrossed as 'psycho' - and I hardly think that me reiterating a long-ago- made point proves 'mental dysfunction'; quite the contrary. I'm so sorry if I think about people from my past and I have the sensitivity and compassion to think about the well being of others, 'friends' or not...

To quote a wise woman, Peace.

foxdeath said...

Whatever you say, Lauren. The fact that you continue to read this blog is fact enough that you still are holding on to something. Your IMs from Valentines Day were also proof positive that you are not exactly the good samaritan you are painting yourself to be now. The comment, "And so would many other women in the Baltimore area..." isn't exactly you sounding like a model citizen, now is it? Sure, keep trying to play the role of the wonderful friend that longs for a friendship that is well extinct. You just keep on believing in the reality that you invent in your head, it really serves you well... In the meantime, please refrain from commenting on this blog, sending emails, IMs, smoke signals, or any other kind of communication that you can think of. Thanks!

Kim said...

You know, I wasn't going to say anything else because Todd has said everything, but I am going to anyway because this is my blog and I've had a bad morning and I see no reason not to.


I asked you not to contact me again. I don't buy your BS about being a sensitive and compassionate person. In fact, I think that you are a mean and nasty person who only wishes the worst on me. You have done nothing but insult me, make me feel terrible and hurt me for the past 2-3 years, and even before the falling out that we had, I question whether or not your friendship was sincere.

On your own blog you've alluded to mean and nasty things with regard to me - and that was up until very recently, I'm not even talking about the things you said long ago. I've seen your IMs with Todd and you never fail to take shots at me when you can. I don't exactly think of that as "friendly", "compassionate" or "sensitive."

Whether Todd is in my life or not, I have no desire to be your friend, be friendly with you, or buy into any of your BS again. We've left you alone. The fact that we live in Maryland has no bearing whatsoever on you - you don't even work in columbia anymore to run into either of us randomly. And if passing us in traffic has THAT much of an impact on your day that it stresses you out, then maybe you should think about moving out of the area yourself.

Regardless, stop contacting us. Do not comment on my blog. Do not email us. Do not text message us or instant message us. No letters, no telegrams, no candygrams, nothing. All you are doing at this point is embarassing yourself.

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