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Monday, February 26, 2007

Review: The Oscars

It was horrible. And it wasn't Ellen's fault. I would have liked more Ellen. No, it just dragged on and on and on... Horrible. Boring. Blah. I agree with most everything that the Fug Girls had to say. I turned off the television during the Dreamgirls songs, only to find that I missed my favorite part (the Dead Person Montage) by about 15-20 minutes. The show was supposed to end at 11:30, people. And the crap that filled the 3 hours up to 11:30 wasn't even entertaining. They usually start with best supporting actor/actress, but they didn't, so instead those awards got lost in there. Ellen wasn't terrible, but she wasn't around for most of the show. The entertainment was boring. The interpretive dance was... a waste of time. The speeches weren't interesting, the montages that they showed weren't interesting. The musical numbers were boring (Celine Dion wasn't necessary, honestly). Really, truly, it was the worst Oscars I've seen in ages.

Best Dressed:
Cate Blanchett... Looking wonderful! The picture doesn't do her justice, she just looked spectacular.

Worst Dressed: Kirsten Dunst. I almost picked Cameron Diaz, but I am going with Kirsten. From afar, it's ok. But, her hair looks like she's about to go play tennis. I'm not one for bangs anyway. The collar is really the problem. And the color. And the hemline. Ok, it's all bad. She looks like my grandmother's handbag.

I can't wait to see the fuggings begin.

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