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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Video Review: Body Max 2

First of all, I never did Body Max 1. So, I don't have a way of comparing this to what Cathe has already done in that area. Secondly, I didn't do the entire video because it's just too damn long. I skipped the step section at the beginning and the cardio blasts. However, from what I can see, this is a fun workout that gets the job done as far as weights and cardio.

Honestly, my favorite part of this video was the warmup. I really had a good time with the step portions of the warm up. Yet, all of the cardio moves are fairly simple and can be picked up pretty easily on your first or second try... especially if you know Cathe's "usual" moves. Hard enough to make advanced exercisers sweat, but easily modified for those that aren't there yet.

I'll update this review once I've done the entire workout. For now, Body Max 2 gets a preliminary 4 out of 5 stars.

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