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Monday, February 12, 2007

Wardrobe Update: Lucky Jeans

In response to repeated requests* by my sisters, I got a pair of Lucky Jeans. Well, Sharon and Shelly's requests, plus fate making it extremely convenient for me, plus a comment made by Dave to me back in November which kind of made me feel bad about my wardrobe. I have mixed feelings about them. I like them, they are comfortable and apparently look good, but they were expensive. At least I can say that I'm slightly stylish now sometimes. It's times like this when I wish Micki** lived nearby to instruct me on what to wear...

So, I'm going to start a new regular feature called "Wardrobe Update" where I try and purchase some new clothes to make myself look better. This is something that I've been putting off because I've wanted to be the "perfect" size, but I'm not waiting for that anymore. Plus - new clothes will help my body image, which has been severly lacking of late.

**one of many stylish online friends


Joey said...

can you post pix of what you're *thinking* of buying? that'll A)give us hints on whether we think it's a good investment and B)get us moving to check out something cool too!

just an idea :)

Mary said...

I think that's a great suggestion from J. I'm trying to upgrade my wardrobe myself, but I'm usually to lazy to shop. So far I'm doing better with my work wardrobe than the casual one. :)

Kim said...

Yeah, we'll see. My issue right now is that most of the wintery clothes are gone for the season and the spring clothes are really expensive... and I can't wear them yet. So, I may put the search on hold briefly. There was a kimono top shirt on clearance from banana republic that I was thinking about, though, and I couldn't decide if it was ugly or not.

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