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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Wardrobe Update: Questions

Please please answer, ladies!
  1. Can you wear stockings with open toed shoes? Honestly?
  2. Tights - not the footless kind (ick), but more like opaque tights/panty hose - are they in?
  3. No stockings during the winter - is this appropriate?
  4. Tan/nude stockings - out or in?
  5. Are people actually wearing dress shorts with heels and whatever the cropped pants are called? I've seen these in the store, but I have to admit that I've seen no one actually wearing them.
  6. Is a store like Talbots or Ann Taylor going to be too momish for me? I don't want to look like after work, I'm taking the kiddies to soccer.
  7. Why is this so hard?


Mary said...

1. No. No, no, no, no. No matter what, looks tacky, tacky, tacky.
2. Opaque tights are fine. To me, they look best when you're doing the skirt and boots look.
3. I don't think it's a matter of appropriate/inappropriate so much as it is that winter weather makes for pasty white, dry, goose bumply legs for most of us w/o stockings. Not attractive. To me, the outfit determines the use of hosiery more than anything else.
3. Wear nude stockings--or whatever most closely approximates your skin color. Tan looks really dated.
4. I'd avoid the dress shorts/gauchos and heels look. It's too trendy for most places and isn't a great look for most of us. I have a feeling that we will look at that someday the way we do about big hair and stonewashed jeans now.
5. Talbots is probably too momish; Ann Taylor, maybe not, especially for work type stuff.
6. I think this is less hard and more just requires a lot more patience and time than a lot of women--such as ourselves want to give it.

Kim said...

Gauchos! That's the word I couldn't remember and the banana republic site was just calling them "cropped pants."

tiny toes said...

1. Never
2. I agree with Mary that opaque tights are great with skirts and boots.
3. I don't really have an opinion on this. I just wear whatever the outfit calls for.
4. I think bare legs are sexier, but it is all a matter taste.

5. I agree, gauchos are too trendy and not flattering on most women.

6. Talbots is too momish (read "old") for me and I have 5 kids. I don't know about Ann Taylor, I've only bought dressy dresses from there.
7. Stick with what you like and don't shop on a bad hair day.

Sandra said...

1. Only if you live in a trailer park. See Mary's answer below and make it bold, underlined and italic with exclamation points.

2. Under pants to keep warm, or with skirt/boots. Looks funny with heels if you ask me.

3. Dress should have stockings in winter.

4. I have seen some stylish types wearing this, but I am not daring enuf to wear heels with shorts. Cropped dress pants, maybe. But shorts no, even if they are "dress" shorts. (I don't believe there is really such a thing)

5. Talbots looks a little stepford for me, although some classic stuff for work is okay. Ann Taylor is okay, though overpriced.

Title nine and other similar catalogs have some dresses that look comfy and might be used for work. There was another catalog but I can't find it. Was a betwen title nine and ann taylor. Comfy and athletic in style but work appropriate.

Of course, my goal is to wear PJs to work...

Sandra said...

I do have a pr of gauchos that are kinda slinky that i wear with heels. Do we need to send you to "What not to wear?"

Kim said...

what not to wear would have a field day with my closet.

Sandra said...

WNTW is going to be coming to the DC area soon. Shall we take some video and send it in? Note: you are not as bad as what they usually show, I think you are just in a rut.

Joey said...

i hear a call to clinton and stacey!!!!

Kim said...

Well, I found success tonight, but it's late and I need to get to bed, so I will post details tomorrow. And I actually had a guy and a girl dressing me. It was fun.

Abby said...

I realize I am late to the party, but wanted to throw in my two cents on these. I liked a lot of the stuff you put up in later posts, Kim, looks like you're headed in the right direction.
1. Absolutely not. The seam always looks dumb.
2. They are currently "in" and I LOVE them. Of course, I've always worn opaque footed tights, whether they are in or not. This is because I'm always cold and I think that real tights keep you warmer than nylons. I do personally make an exception to the open toed shoes rule here but only for very small openings (I think they are called peep toes? I could be making that up), not ones that expose your whole toes. Side note - footless tights are a terrible blight on the female form, in my opinion.
3. I agree with Mary - close to your skin color and you're fine.
4. Really a matter of taste/what works with the outfit.
5. I don't understand the whole dress shorts trend at all. I saw a pair of tweedy dress shorts paired with a matching jacket to make a suit in some store window (White House/Black Market I think?) and I couldn't figure out where you would possibly wear something like that! Also, what temperature range would it have to be where your legs wouldn't be extremely cold or your arms super hot?
6. I think Ann Taylor is fine. They do have some looks that are "momish" but the majority of their stuff is perfect for work. The only reason they don't make up more of my wardrobe is price.
7. Because there is a vast conspiracy to make it hard.

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