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Thursday, March 29, 2007

10-Second Movie Reviews

I've watched a lot of movies over the past couple of weeks. Here's some quick (very quick) reviews...

  • Who Killed The Electric Car? - Another movie to totally piss me off. This made me angry like you would not believe. It also made me want an electric car. I suggest watching it.
  • Little Miss Sunshine - It was ok. Not as good as I was expecting, but still enjoyable. Great cast and acting, a fun movie.
  • Stranger Than Fiction - Definitely not as funny/slapstick as other Will Ferrell movies, but I really liked it. I love Will Ferrell regardless.
  • Borat - OMG, I thought I'd hate this movie, but it was horribly funny. Very enjoyable, especially with a couple of beers in ya.
  • Syriana - Wow, snoozefest. I think I can appreciate this movie, but I kept falling asleep and I wasn't able to follow it. I might like it better awake.
  • Just Friends - It was funny and ok, but the real draw for me to this movie was that the mom character is Dave's mom. OMG, she is so much like Dave's mom. Has anyone else seen this movie that has met Dave's mom???
Edited to add... Um, George did not look good in Syriana. Maybe that's why I couldn't stay awake - I needed to fall asleep to see George looking hot. Matt Damon looked good though.

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