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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Shamrock 5k 2007

The benefit of a 1:15pm race time is that I don't have to get up early. The drawback is that it kills my entire day. Regardless, I was at Downtown Athletic Club to pick up my packet for the Shamrock 5k at 11:45 this morning. I ran into Joanna and her dad at packet pickup and then headed down to park.

The other sucky thing about this particular race is that the start line and the finish line are far away from each other, so parking sucks no matter where you go. I parked at the finish line because of a mystical $5 coupon that I failed to print out. However, even if I had, it turns out that I needed to stay in the garage 3 hours, which I didn't. I couldn't stay at the metered spot at packet pickup because of lack of quarters. Anyway, I had to walk back up to the starting line.

Someone I don't know, ErikaW, Kim, Bruce, Davida before the start

After a quick pee in the Walters Art Gallery, I ran into Davida, ErikaW and some others. We also saw Dianne who bummed me out by telling me that Kristy wasn't running this year. One of the main reasons I'd signed up for this race (since I didn't really like it last year) was to run with Kristy. We also saw Joanna and her dad again at the starting line, which was awesome. I never did find my friend Stephanie, who was also running the race.

Joanna and her dad

I ran the first mile or so with Davida, running straight through. I almost never run straight through anymore. I was getting tired, so I switched to 2:1s. It was a pretty uneventful run to the finish line. This race is so crowded, it's nearly impossible to set any kind of personal record. At least there was water at the finish line this year.

Wow, look at all of those people!

The finish area was so crowded that I decided not to stick around and find the group again. I wanted to get home anyway. I did run into Joanna & dad again though, on my way to the garage.

So, it was an ok race. I was going to say that I should tell my 2008 self not to run it again, but honestly there's no other good races in March anyway, so I may as well run it again. It's something to do. And I could have stayed for the parade.

Davida, Bruce & Me at the starting line

Results... Not my worst race, but not my best either. Mediocre.

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