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Monday, March 19, 2007

Tastefully Simple

The company whose name I've never spoken online before!!

I deactivated from Tastefully Simple on January 1. I had been a consultant for nearly 4 years (I would have had my 4th anniversary on February 14, 2007). I can finally talk publicly about TS, since I couldn't refer to Tastefully Simple by name online as long as I was a consultant.

I love Tastefully Simple. I became a consultant in 2003 for a lot of reasons. I wanted to try a business like this one, I had extra time because my main job was only part time. I wanted extra money, and I wanted to challenge myself. Plus, I was crazy about the products and wanted to sell them. As an added benefit, it turned out that my favorite thing about TS was the people that I met. Customers, my team, my upline, other consultants. I met SO MANY people and got SO MANY friends as a result of being a Tastefully Simple consultant. And I loved it, I really did.

So, I know you're wondering - why did I deactivate? Well, as much as I loved parties and conferences, there was a lot of work between them that I just no longer had time for. I'm the kind of person where I needed to work my business all the way or not at all and I was leaning too much towards the not at all in 2006. Tastefully Simple had become an easy way to ignore and escape from my failing marriage and once I was out of my marriage, I suddenly had less time. I wanted to participate in other parts of my life again (marathons, work, fun)... and Tastefully Simple was in the way. I still love the company and the products. I love Jill (TS's founder and CEO). I miss my former team. But, I still see them and talk to them regularly.

I'm still a faithful customer. The new spring/summer line is AWESOME. There is a product called Berry Caramel Drizzle that I had tried as a sample for the 2005 National Conference and I fell IN LOVE with it then. It's finally available to buy and I'll get a whole case, trust me.

Anyway, I love and miss TS. I miss my team. Someday, I may sign up again, if my life leads me in that direction. For now, I'm a customer.

More info that I've written in the past...
Leadership Conference 2005 (Puerto Rico)
Regional Conference 2005 (Baltimore)
National Conference 2005 (Minneapolis)

From Tastefully Si...
Kim, Jill (TS's CEO) and Tracy in Minneapolis 2003


Abby said...

Perhaps this is a dumb question, but what's the explaination for the policy that you can't talk about TS online if you're a consultant? I can understand not being allowed to say bad/confidential things, but why the total gag order?

Kim said...

Because as a consultant, I'm representing the company when I talk about it. And that should all go through PR. Also, they charge us for websites. So, if I'm a consultant and I have a TS website, it's at I'm competing with them if I'm making my own site. And it would be doubly bad if I'm making my own website and presenting myself as Tastefully Simple. It makes sense, but it kind of put me in a bind because there were a lot of things that I would have liked to have done, as a Web Developer.

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