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Saturday, March 3, 2007

Wardrobe Update: Casual Choices

Back to Ann Taylor Loft yesterday afternoon (I was not at work, obviously), but this time to Hunt Valley and all by myself. I didn't buy anything or try anything on, at least not at Ann Taylor Loft (I'll get to some other stuff later), but I saw some things that I'd like to get. By spending $350 in there earlier this week, I got a bunch of $25 coupons that I need to use by April. And I need casual clothes, so this is good. If I use them soon enough, I'll maybe get more $25 coupons.

Anyway... Gimme your thoughts on these.

Eyelet tee, pink

Julie Cardo Pants


I love this skirt. It's in the store, but not on the website.

Ok. Now, I did get shoes. I went to DSW and tried some on. I wanted to get casual shoes that I could wear with jeans that are not running shoes, since I happen to wear running shoes pretty much every day.

This is what I ended up with:

Sky Rockets (fuel) in Navy/Grey

I had trouble because it was about 3:30 or 4pm, and I'd been wearing heels all day and my feet were bigger than normal. I need to try them on again, actually, to see if they still fit. I tried to get some other shoes, but failed because of the sizing issue.


Mary said...

I also love that skirt; make sure to try on the eyelet top and look at yourself from all angles before buying it. Sometimes tops in that style can make even skinny girls look like they are in the early stages of pregnancy.

I am not a fan of the cargo capris--I think they might make you look boxy. If you do decide to get them, make sure you wear them with a more fitted top. If you wear them with baggier clothes, you'll look bigger and slouchier than you are.

The shoes are fine, but what you really need are some non-athletic looking casual shoes. Maybe an espadrille or ballerina flat, like this.

Sandra said...

ok, they aren't running shoes, but not really casual shoes. they look like sneakers. go with flats or something not a sneaker.

Kim said...

I think you guys misunderstood what I meant when I said casual shoes... I meant that I wanted something that I could wear with jeans and a sweatshirt that wasn't running shoes. Yes, these are still sneakers, but sneakers are what I was looking for - just more stylish ones.

Mary, I usually hate ballerina flats, but I've realized that I hate them with skirts. I hate it when people wear them with the skirts that flair - I think it looks frumpy and you need a heel for most skirts these days (at least a little heel). But, thinking about them with capris might not be so bad. However, I am thinking more along the line of things to wear with jeans. I'm still in the winter phase. Summer shoes are pretty easy for me, as I love sandals... they're cheap and comfy!! If only I didn't have runners feet... nasty corns & callouses... gross.

Mary said...

qiOh, I gathered that you were looking for something to wear with jeans. :) I just hate the way athletic shoes look, so I can't get excited about anyone else's and am now suggesting shoes I like. It's purely a personal problem.

I mostly agree with you on the ballerina flat and skirts thing, although it somewhat depends on the situation. I know that I don't like the look on me. But you are right, the flats look great with capris or any pant that doesn't have a bootcut or flared leg. Or even some shorts--that one outfit with the white top and shots you picked out would probably look cute with either a ballerina flat or sandals.

Kim said...

Yeah. I can see that. If I had tapered leg jeans, the ballerina flat would work, but all of my jeans are boot cut, which means either athletic looking shoes or booty looking shoes (booty looking shoes are what I'm wearing today).

Ok, confession... it's really that someone (cough, Todd, cough) said that white running shoes under jeans looks "sloppy". I actually could care less, as by definition, sweatshirts look sloppy anyway.

When did I become an athlete?

Sandra said...

when you ran a marathon.

Sandra said...

i still think you need a not sneaker, not work shoe casual shoe.

Kim said...

I have these, although in dark brown, which they no longer have listed.

And I have these in black, which I often wear with jeans or nice pants. Those are nice because they can dress down or up.

What is good for *winter* casual non-sneaker shoes?

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