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Friday, March 16, 2007


Kim: This weather is awesome! Thanks, Mother Nature!
Mother Nature: Yes, my dear. I do this for you.
Kim: You ROCK!

Thursday Afternoon...
Kim: Well, it's not sunny, but it's still nice.
MN: Thanks!
Kim: So nice, in fact, that I will eat lunch outside!
MN: Yes, my darling. I made the weather springlike in order to make you happy.
Kim: Thanks, Mother Nature! I love you!

Thursday Evening...
Kim: Um... Mother Nature? It's raining and 40 degrees.
MN: Did you think I meant it? HA!! You're so cute with your thoughts of buying spring clothes and thoughts about summer event planning. Did you want to build a fire outside and drink wine this weekend? Yeah, I thought I'd make it rain instead. Sorry about that.
Kim: You suck, Mother Nature.

Friday Morning....
MN: OH, I suck, do I??? How about some sleet and snow? How does that feel? Huh?
Kim: You know what? I'm mad at you!
MN: HA HA HA!!! SNOW TONIGHT!!!!! You were starting to think about gardening and sunshine and my plan was to disappoint you as much as possible! HA!
Kim: *sob*

Yeah. You know where I want to be instead? Here. Take me there. As soon as possible. I can not get there fast enough. Seriously.

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