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Sunday, April 1, 2007

Cherry Blossom 10 Mile Non-Run

The Cherry Blossom race was this morning and I set a new PR of 1:32!!! For comparison, Todd ran the Annapolis Ten Mile Run in 1:33! I cannot believe it, as I was totally not trained for this race...

Yeah, April Fools. I'm sure you aren't fooled. I didn't run today. Basically, I was unprepared, having not run more than 7 miles since January 7 when I ran the Disney Marathon, and having not run at all in about 2 weeks. To have run a race today would have risked injury, and the thought of running had been making me pretty miserable. Still, I went down to DC anyway and I got to spend the night in a nice hotel. So, it all worked out. Plus, we got to look at parts of the Marine Corps Marathon route and remember... specifically, by surprise we passed the onramp on to the 14th Street Bridge which marked mile 20 and therefore was a very vivid memory.

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