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Thursday, April 5, 2007

Wardrobe Update: Limited Too!

Yes, you read that right.

I'm not posting pictures because I'm too frickin busy and I'm leaving work early today, so I just don't have time.

We know I'm someone who can't pick out an outfit to save my life. Well, today I went to the Limited Too because I wanted to get my niece a birthday gift and that's what she wanted - an outfit from Limited Too. Let me tell you - I suck at picking stuff out, so picking out something for a picky 12 year old girl is a PITA (Lori, I should have asked for help from you since Madison is the same age).

Well, I just bought what the mannequin was wearing. Hopefully she'll like it, I give it to her this weekend (her birthday is monday).

Shorts... Kinda like those, but pink striped.
Tank top... in white
Henley... in pink

That outfit was an obscene amount of money.

Also, I shopped at Old Navy this week (Tuesday, I think) and bought a ton of stuff, but forgot to post about it, so I'll do that when I have more time.


Sandra said...

At that age I started buying gift cards, after shopping with the nieces I was buying for. Even though I was choosing cute stuff even stuff on the models) they politely said no thank you. They have their own style and like certain fits, colors, etc. The stuff they choose is good, but not nec. what I would have picked. I was successful by letting them choose an item (or $ amount) from Delia's ctalog. They love to puruse the catalog thoroughly and pick something out.

Kim said...

She loved it, though, and wore it on Saturday (I gave it to her Friday night). I wanted her to pick something out, but she never did. Regardless, she was happy and it fit.

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