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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Hydration Update & Some Other Stuff

Given easily accessible, cheap as free (not vending machine), good tasting low cal beverage, I'll apparently drink the heck out of it. Whole 32 ounces gone in about an hour. I refilled the bottle and put it back in the freezer, and I'll have another herbal tea while I'm waiting for it to chill. I do have to pee, though, which I've learned in the past is the downside of hydration.

Also, while eating my turkey sammich, I was reading Nancy Clark's Food Guide for Marathoners. Geezie-peezie, but I learned a lot. First, I remain stumped on what I should be eating and what my resting metabolic rate is. How many calories should I be eating a day? Calorie King is recommending a "net" of 1400, meaning that if I don't exercise at all, I should eat 1400 calories per day and if I do exercise, I should eat more calories based on how many I've burned. However, Nancy Clark is recommending that I eat almost 1800 calories a day before I even start including running calories. That seems like a LOT to me.

I'm trying to reconcile these, and I think I've decided to start with 1500 calories and then slowly increase throughout the season as mileage increases until I'm up to the recommended 1800 calories. Do you KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS?? On my longest run days, I'll be eating in the neighborhood of 5000 calories in a day. Yeah, right. I'd have to live at Cheesecake Factory for that. More likely, I'll be splitting those calories up into 2-3 "recovery" days where I'm eating more. But, I'm learning.

I'm also not eating enough during the daytime, especially on days where I run in the evenings. I kind of knew this, but reading about it really hit home. My breakfasts are usually no more than 120 calories and that needs to change. I need to find a portable easy yummy breakfast that is more like 300 calories, and I need to eat bigger lunches sometimes. There's no excuse for me going home and eating a chocolate sundae at night just to use up my remaining calories. I'd be a lot happier if I ate those calories earlier in the day and had energy for my evening runs. And, I need to start snacking in the afternoons. I shouldn't be running hungry. And I'm always hungry on my evening runs - we run by a pizzeria and it always smells so good.

So, this is more stuff to work on.


Sandra said...

try drinking 5 oz of water at a time. i read somewhere that that is the amount your body will absorb easily at one time. can be every 5- 10 minutes or so and body will use it more and you will pee less often.

Christine said...

So I wonder if I should get that Nancy Clark book for my husband - he's gearing up for his first marathon in New York this year - it sounds like you would recommend it?

Kim said...

Well, it is simplistic if you already know nutrition for endurance athletes. However, it was recommended by Jeff Galloway and I really just wanted some basics about how much protien, fat, carb to be eating and also what some good ideas and strategies should be for eating before, during and after a long run. So, Yes, I recommend it, but if you already know these things, something a little more in depth might be better.

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