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Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Doing more research on long runs and what to eat/drink during the runs... I'm REALLY impressed with Nuun. So much so that I just emailed running buddy Kristy about it. Now, I tried Nuun at some runners expo. I don't know if it was Marine Corps or Disney, but I thought it tasted nasty. Keep in mind that I also think Gatorade is nasty if I'm not running (I had a sip in the car the other day and I was like "Ew! This tastes like running!"). However, I hate the taste of water when I'm running (but like it if I'm not).

Doing long runs while drinking gatorade, even if it's diluted, and then eating sport beans, shot bloks or gels means that I get this weird sugary feeling after a few hours. It's what happens if you eat nothing but fruit punch and jelly beans for several hours. Like you need a toothbrush and need it fast. And I don't think all of that sugar is really necessary. So, I was going to dilute my gatorade, but after studying the Nuun FAQ, I'm convinced to give it another try and this time while running. It's like a flavored Succeed! Tablet that you dissolve in water, with very few calories and no sugar so that if I feel I need energy and sugar, I can get it from my food/gels/bloks. Hm... novel concept.

I'm trying it this weekend. I'll report back.

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