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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

ON NOTICE: Michael Phelps

Race for Our Kids. I ran it last year, I intend to run it this year. This morning, I was still groggy in bed and the TV was on and WJZ was interviewing Micahel Phelps and he was talking about how he was the honorary chairperson of Race for Our Kids this year. I was like "ooo! awesome!" and Davida is having me take pictures this year, so while he was being interviewed I was going over in my head - will he be at the start or the finish? Can I get my photo with him? Can I get him to get in a photo with the entire Galloway group? Especially since I've gotten into swimming lately. Hmmm... And then he said he's not going to be there.

WTF?????????? Why be an honorary chairperson to a race that you're not going to show up to? Is the point that you can go on TV and be a big star? You're not even a frickin' runner, Michael!! Don't be a chairperson of a race and then not go. It's stupid. I feel like I've been ripped off by the whole thing. It's not even a big race, and now his stupid face is splattered all over it and for no real purpose.

Dumb. Michael Phelps, you are ON NOTICE.

Note: I am only leaving 10 on notices on the left bar, so I had to take one off. I'm removing Disney's Magical Express, as everything worked out and they got me there for Easter and I'm happy with them again.


Joey said...

and he bites! literally!

well, he did when he was 2.

Kim said...

Am I wrong though?? I mean, in the WBAL interview he didn't even talk about the race, just about his swimming and the olympics and such. How about if some children from Sinai Hospital represent the race? Wouldn't that make more sense?

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