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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Reviews: A Bunch of Things

Lush's Coolaulin Conditioner - I bought this conditioner specifically for my vacation, hoping to try something that would keep my hair from getting too dry when it's been exposed to unheard of amounts of salt and sun. The end result was that it did indeed work pretty well, but even better, it SMELLED FANTASTIC. Like coconuts, and I've decided to only use this conditioner when on vacation so that the smell will always remind me of being away. :)

The Body Shop Passion Fruit Body Butter - I bought this at the same time that I bought the Satsuma Body Butter, but only tried it yesterday for the first time. I like this one more. It still smells fantastic, but is not so strong. The Satsuma, I've decided, smells too strong, almost to the point where you're like "all right, already. I get it. Tangerines." You know.

Coppertone Sport Continuous Spray - I never liked the pump sprays for suntan lotion, and I bought this one against my will because Target or Giant or wherever I was, they were out of lotion style right before I left on vacation. Well, this stuff ROCKS!! I went to Wal Mart and bought like 5 cans of it. It goes on super easy, protects fine, and it's so easy to get it nice and even. Highly recommended! The only down side is that the can runs out very quickly.

Tri-Berry Nuun - Here we go. After I raved... Nuun tastes somewhere between nasty and awful, but maybe closer to gross. I'm going to keep trying it, at least until I run out. Basically, you can taste the salt that is in it. Saturday for my run, I was preferring water. However, after drinking cold water, the Nuun didn't taste so bad. So, I'm starting to wonder if I should do 2 bottles of water & 2 bottles of Nuun on a long run... I'm going to keep trying it and see if it gets better. I walked up to Kristy Saturday morning and held up my bottle and said "Nuun.." and she said "Yeah, it tastes gross." So, it's not just me.


Christine said...

I just saw this article in the NYT and thought of you right away. That salty Nuun taste sounds icky...

I wonder why the heck they filed this under Fashion and Style?

Kim said...

Well, Nuun is stylish, if nasty. I'm going to keep trying it though. I am sort of determined to like it.

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