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Friday, May 25, 2007


The question was posed to me this morning, "Um, do you actually LIKE running, because I never hear you say 'oh, that was a good run.' You mostly just bitch about it."

Hm. I guess I do.

Honestly, I've had plenty of times when I've loved a run, even long runs. I had a long run last year of maybe 16 miles with Debbie that I loved. I loved the Disney Marathon. But, this shit is HARD. I think this winter I went through a frustration period where the weather sucked, I was running in the dark or on a treadmill, and I was often running alone because Sue, Debra, Kristy, etc had quit for the winter. That was frustrating and not fun at all.

Of course, right now I'm going through another frustration phase where running is more difficult than it was because I've lost my speed and endurance. My lung capacity sucks. And I've got to work to get back up to the "this feels good" level. Plus, I'm really annoyed by my weight right now, and that affects everything. Basically, I'm hating the fact that I have to play catch up with everyone and fight through every hill when I was GOOD at it last year. But, I know I have to just get out there and do it. And that day when I finally get it and I finally am conquering those hills - those are good days.

I'll get back there. I do feel better when I'm running. Running is fun to me when it's not hard. And I love spending time with my running friends.

On that note, with running as a stress reliever, here is a commercial that I love right now (the "Stress Monster" one).

1 comment:

Joey said...

i think what people don't get is that when you can do something this hard, you can love it and bitch about it at the same time. you love it because you can conquer it and get some great results and see some amazing things and all of that. you still have to put the blood, sweat and tears into it in order to get anything out of it, but what's to love if it's not a challenge?

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