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Friday, May 18, 2007

Series Roundup

The Office - The season finale was not as good as last year. But, still good. Watching Jan crack up was pretty entertaining. The Pam and Jim plotline is getting a bit worn out in my opinion. The best part of the whole episode was the very end with Ryan getting the job. Cracked me up!!

CSI - Excellent season finale episode. I really enjoyed the miniature killer plotline this year.

Heroes - Not over yet, but I absolutely can't wait for Monday's episode. This show has really blown me away this season. I'm not a Lost fan, but my understanding is that Heroes moves faster, which is a relief. Definitely show of the year for me.

24 - I shouldn't write up about 24 because I really didn't watch it this year unless Heroes was on hiatus. However, what little I did see what just too over-dramatic and even without Heroes, I doubt I'd watch it next year.

ER - It's been maybe 4 years now that I've been asking the question Why don't they cancel this show????? I just don't get it. It's miserable, horrible, and painful to watch.

The Tudors - Oh, man. Talk about beautiful people. Jonathan Rhys Meyers is so hot as Henry VIII. He is one of the most beautiful people ever. I missed an episode while on vacation, but I kind of figured out what's going to happen anyway... ;)

Entourage - Dammit, but Todd got me involved in yet another HBO series.

American Idol - Weeks ago, I picked Melinda and the chick from Fort Meade to be the final two. When Melinda was voted off this week, I chose to not watch next week. If the beatbox guy wins, I'm writing Simon a personal letter.

I saw a commercial last night for a new CBS pirate show that is basically Survivor on a boat. Won't be watching that one. Big Love is getting ready to start again, and I guess Todd got me into that one, too. Plus, I'd figure that The Wire will be back on soon also.

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