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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Today's Project: Hydration

I finally remembered to bring my water bottle in to work. I used to have access to a fridge filled with Deer Park Water bottles, but I lost the access when I moved to the building I'm in now. Then, I got this ice machine phobia thing* and also my cups started getting really gross. When you're used to bottled water, tap water with no ice tastes nasty. So, today I brought in my big 32 oz water bottle and filled it when I got to work. I put it in the freezer so that I wouldn't need ice. Then, I had my usual herbal tea and by the time it was done, the water was cold. I mixed in 2 Crystal light on the go packets to hopefully kill the nasty tap water taste. So far, so good. The only issue is that the bottle doesn't have a sippy top, so I worry that I'll spill pink crystal light all over my white pants.

Maybe I'll gain some hydration back. I did buy the Nuun caplets last night (in Tri berry flavor), but I haven't actually tasted them yet. I can always bring them in to mix with my water also.

I brought my lunch today instead of eating out, and I had a Lightfull Smoothie for breakfast. I thought I'd discussed Lightfull before, but I couldn't find the review in my archives. I bought two of them from Wegman's back a few months ago (for the record, Wegman's has a wide variety of really unique foods, I just wish they weren't so expensive and crowded). I had the Peaches and Cream smoothie right after buying them, and it made my stomach a little upset, I think because it contained so much fiber. I'm trying again today (they don't expire until June). I really do like them and they do keep me from being hungry, if only I could get past the stomach upset. I'm going to have to start raising my daily calorie intake soon anyway, as the long runs get longer.

*For the record, I don't totally abstain from ice out of ice machines. As a matter of fact, I usually do get ice in my drinks from fast food restaurants. Except I get nervous about Chicken Out in Columbia, where I saw pink mold in the ice machine once. It's just work that really skeeves me out, since I've seen dirt in the ice at two different buildings now, plus once i found a half drank soda buried in one of the ice machines at work (ew) and I just think the ice machines are NEVER cleaned and people put their hands in there and stuff and it just totally grosses me out big time.

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