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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Wardrobe Update Question: Crocs

Fleet Feet (my running store) is selling these now. What do people honestly think of Crocs?? They seem convenient and comfortable, but not terribly attractive.


Sandra said...

some of the sandal ones are cute for the beach, and they are all cute on little kids. I see people at marinas where them and people working in their gardens. i personally don't think they look that great for everyday wear, for myself.

Christine said...

I think you are too cute to be wearing crocs (except in the garden or something). I'm no slave to fashion, but I think crocs cross a line!

Kim said...

Yeah, I'm kind of with you on this. But, I needed to make sure I wans't missing some awesome trend. When wearing shoes I can get wet, I prefer my Lands
End water shoes
Although, they smell moldy right now. Haven't had time to clean them.

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