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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Wardrobe Update: Title Nine / Running Clothes & Shoes

No, I haven't bought anything new. Well, I bought a couple pairs of shoes and a dress and a couple shirts before leaving on vacation, but I didn't write about it here. You can see the dress in my new profile photo, though.

I still need business casual-type clothes. However, it's running season again and I know I'm going to be wanting new running clothes. Or, at least a collection of new socks, maybe some new sports bras, and I'm thinking of getting a new pair of running shoes. I have my pair of New Balance that have never gone longer than about 5 miles at a time. My old Asics really shouldn't be used anymore - they've gone through 2 marathons and quite a few long runs. I'm thinking of replacing the Asics with new Asics and continuing to use the New Balances only for short runs. Regardless, the New Balances will probably go with me on the long run this weekend because I doubt I'll make it into the store to buy the new Asics before then anyway (and they'd need to be broken in for a couple weeks).

I'm trying not to spend that much more money on stuff. I've been all about spending money on clothes lately, and I need to calm down. However, a Title Nine catalog came yesterday. Oh, I like that stuff. Not even just for running, but for yoga or swimming or just wandering around the yard or whatever. I do want a new bathing suit, especially because I intend to start swimming laps within the next couple of weeks (hooray for pool membership!).

Here's a bathing suit I like, but I might be too busty for it...

If I'm too busty for it, this one is nice also...

This bra
is just really cool looking...

I LOVE these capris...

I like a bunch of other stuff in the catalog also, but I need to calm down and not spend all of my money. Priorities.

1 comment:

Sandra said...

title nine is one of my fav catalogs. I have never bought from them though. When I get to my goal weight I am gonna buy something from there as a reward. Maybe one of the cute skorts.

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