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Saturday, June 2, 2007

Blue Moon Run

Note: I wasn't sure if I should treat this as a race or a weekly run. It was sort of both and neither. So, I'm treating it like a race.

Here's my nutbally running thing for the week. I ran the Blue Moon Run Friday night. Basically, we apparently are having a blue moon now, and so they had this run on the trail in the moonlight. No lights were allowed, but all 600 of us had glo sticks. It wasn't a race, it was just a 7 mile run on the trail from Paper Mill up to Sparks.

So, we got down to the trail area at 9pm. There was a shuttle running from the shopping center down the street to the Paper Mill parking lot. There was a big accident at the intersection there, but it wasn't a huge deal for us. Apparently, they were supposed to have 2 shuttle buses but one didn't show up, so there was a bus and a U-Haul van. We got the U-Haul van and made it down to the very dark parking lot, where I knew that I would never find Joanna or Caryn. So, we waited by the shuttle bus and finally found Joanna.

I couldn't find Caryn (and her new guy Doug), but we started the run at 10pm. At our first walk break, I found Caryn! It was a really cool run. Todd and Doug ran our pace for the first mile and a half and then took off at their own pace. Caryn, Joanna and I stuck together. It was dark and there was lightning all around, which was pretty cool. It was cloudy, and we finally saw the blue moon on the last mile. We ran a total of 5 miles, at a faster pace than I normally run for a weekday run. It was a good time.

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