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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Hey Fat Chicks! No One Finds You Sexy.

Oh, you KNOW I had to say something about this if you've seen it in the press...

See this girl??

She's actually about my size. I'd roll around in rose petals like that, no problem. Find me some, I'm all over it.

The question is though - is she hot? Is that a sexy photo? Would that turn men on?

The ad, if you can't read portuguese, says that no, she is not hot. The print says "forget it, men's taste will never change." The ad is for light yogurt. In other words, if you're at all over weight, you better lose it or no man will ever find you hot. No man will want you, no man will find you sexy, even if you pose naked with only a few rose petals strewn about. I have a weight problem and a serious problem with food. I'm overweight and I fight it every single day. I look at myself in the mirror on some days and say "ugh, I am frickin' ugly and fat." Yet, I don't even believe this bullshit. Come on, people. Plenty of men like heavier women. Plenty of men like a variety of women of different sizes. LOTS of men are going to think that ad is smokin'.

Even better, I think most fat women would agree with me. Plenty of women are heavier than that. I don't see any fat women running out to buy that yogurt because of this ad - I see them scoffing at it in much the same way that I am. I have no idea why ANYONE would think that this ad is going to sell products. The only people that are going to be fooled by this are those who are already skinny, shallow or anorexic. Trust me.

This doesn't even deserve an On notice.

From Wendy (Pound)
From Hoyden about Town
From Shakesville
From Kate Harding


Sandra said...

Yeah, from the men I've been with (not that many, but a few) prefer my womanly body instead of "tits on sticks" I will never be that thin, nor would I trade my shape for a skinny one! Just want my body to be healthy and a bit firmer in some places...

Ad Woman is hot!

Joey said...

likewise, when i was the umbc track team, those with curves and muscles were found to be far more appealing than those (read "hardcore division 1 competitive distance runners")who were stick thin with a 15% body fat. i'm nowhere near a 15%, and i'm very happy about that. i happen to like my muscles and my curves, and any man who can't take that can just blow it out his ass.

oh, and how come nobody mentions overweight men in this context? just curious...

Mary said...

seriously, any guy who makes a comment like that about fat chicks deserves to be given the fish eye and told, "No one finds *insert physical feature of choice here* sexy either."

Or when all else fails, "no one finds morans sexy either."

Sandra said...

man boobs... need I say more?

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