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Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Look, Speedo. I placed my order for my new bathing suit on May 30. I got the email confirmation and then I kept checking the order status and it said "Pending." The email confirmation said that it would take 1-2 days to ship. A week later, I canceled the order by email because a week was just too long to wait. Alas, another two weeks passed and now today I get an email saying that you were unable to process my credit card because my address didn't match the address on the card. So, you were canceling the order.

Look, jerks. Yes, when I looked again, the address was wrong. I have too many addresses and I have one address on one card going to my PO Box and one address on another card going to home. But that's only because my one credit card company refuses to let me use my PO box as my address. This confuses me and messes me up when I order things - not to mention that my address has changed recently. You could have called me and asked me to correct my address. You could have emailed me. You could have RESPONDED to my emails about my order. Or, you could have at least canceled the order THREE WEEKS AGO.

I can get it cheaper at anyway, so forget you, stupid Speedo.

SpeedoUSA, you are ON NOTICE.

Incredibly tough choice as to who to remove from the on notice board, I'm going with Dandelions since Clover has been seen a little more lately.

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