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Sunday, June 3, 2007

Race for Our Kids 10k - 2007

I thought that I might be slower this year, and I was. Overall, I didn't do as bad as I would have expected I'd do, but I was still slower. Oh well. A week less training and out of shape at the start of training, plus 15 pounds heavier... that'll do it.

We met in the parking lot of Pimlico Race Track. Davida asked me to take pictures, so I went around and took some. ErikaM was also out taking them, so that was good. I only got a few and didn't take my camera with me for the race out of fear of rain.

The race was brutal. Kristy, Natalie and I ran together, and Debra stayed right behind us for a while, until she caught up with us at mile 4 or 5 or so. The whole thing is just frickin' up hill. That totally sucks. Still, I managed to conquer every single hill without ever taking an extra walk break.

As for the rain... well, rain it did. Hard. Starting around mile 3 or so, it sprinkled and by the time we reached the finish line it was pouring. It wasn't that bad, though. Really, it helped keep us cool. In general this was a good race for us to just chat about things and get to know Natalie, since she's new to us.


And here are some photos...

Todd, Lori and I'm still learning people's names this year and I don't know that guy's name.

Amanda, Kristen (???) and Natalie

Me, Andrea and another guy that I don't know yet.

Group photo

1 comment:

Lyss said...

Tag, you're it! See you on Saturday. BTW, I'm a web programmer too (.Net). So is Chrissy. Hopefully we'll get a chance to chat! Take care.

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