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Friday, June 15, 2007

Running Update

I've been trying to write about this all week, but things have been crazy-busy-hectic with me, so I keep not doing it. I don't remember what I've discussed here and what I haven't, so bear with me if I'm repeating myself.

I'm slow. I don't like being slow. So, in order to help correct it, I asked Jeff Galloway what to do. He recommended his book Running: A Year Round Plan, so that I would know how to do things like speed and hill drills. I purchased the book on Tuesday and read or skimmed the entire thing by Wednesday night. It's a GREAT book! So, now in addition to following my marathon training schedule with my group, I'm going to be switching up my Weekly runs with speed drills, cadence drills, hills, and acceleration gliders.

What really makes me happy about this is that I can keep my 2 weekly runs and my 1 long run and work all of this in around it, not having to add in an extra day of running in the process. Jeff also sings the praises of cross-training, so that is also awesome. Although this week has been busy enough that I missed the cross training on Wednesday (Happy Hour, plus the weather) and I didn't run last night (work until 10pm... bleh). Last night should have been hills, though. I should get some cross training in tonight. Fingers crossed that the weather is nice so that I can swim!!

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