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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Cool Site: Remember the Milk!

I've been slacking on the household chores and I have a lot of stuff going on right now. I'm also a big fan of making lists, so today I opened my todolist.txt file that is always on my desktop of my PC and updated it. Then, I thought, "Hey, I wonder if there's a decent tool to do this online..." I had a dumb piece of software for a while that kept track of tasks, and I also used Outlook for a while. Both sucked. Well, today I found the solution!!

Awesome site... Remember the Milk. It is written using Ajax, which I don't know, but I've read a book and could probably do. It's super-fast and really cool. You can publish your lists, share them with other RTM users, have reminders sent to email, instant messenger, or SMS. You can hook it up with Google Calendar. You can print cool little lists that have little checkboxes (I LOVE checking off checkboxes on a To Do list). You can organize them and search and just basically just do all sorts of cool stuff. I'm very excited, and it has reminded me today that I wanted to Roomba the living room. Roomba is going right now.

Check it out if you like lists like I do!!


Abby said...

We've been using Remember the Milk for awhile now, and it rocks! Although, I'm currently playing with Chorebuster(, which I think might be better for households with multiple people since it has built in abilities to make sure that tasks are evenly distributed.

Sandra said...

what is SMS? I am fanatical abt lists,

Kim said...

SMS = Text messaging

(it stands for short message service)

Mary said...

Wow. This is great--I think this would be great for Nick and I. I could definitely see Chorebuster being good for households with kids to cut down on fighting, but might be more than we need right now. After 5 years, I think we mainly managed to figure out an equitable distribution of labor that works for us.

Kim said...

What I like is that you can just put any list in there - so I added lists for grocery store, home depot, bjs, and target. And I also moved all of my personal calendar items over on there too, birthdays and appointments, etc. I've used yahoo calendar before, but it never worked because I also had outlook at work. But, I hate having my personal stuff on my work calendar, so this works out for me.

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