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Saturday, July 21, 2007


Amazon said they were preparing my order for shipping, but I didn't get a tracking ID. I better get that damn book today.

UPDATE, 1:50PM: Well, I have tracking number. And it arrived in Sparks yesterday. But still no book.

UPDATE, 3:20PM: It was in the mailbox!! Damn that amazon. They should have told me to check the mailbox. Stupid mailman, he should have walked it up to the door. Anyway, timer's on. I'm reading.

UPDATE, 12:50AM: Well, I'm halfway through. No, I didn't read that whole time. I stopped and ate dinner (salmon... yum) and cleaned up dinner and I also am doing laundry and such. But, it's late and I should sleep and I met my goal of getting halfway through today.


foxdeath said...

I think it is terribly rude to ignore someone all weekend by reading a book...

Kim said...

LOL, paybacks are hell, eh?

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