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Thursday, August 23, 2007


I went the the MVA with about a million things to do (yes, I said a million). As always I expected it to be a horrible experience, especially since I was in Essex (I'd been to the doctor in White Marsh), and I was already annoyed that the MVA closes at 4:30 and there is not one near work.

But what happened is that they rocked there! They were actually HELPFUL and NICE. The lady who helped me asked me a lot of bizarre questions about my divorce, but I think she was just making conversation. So, Yay Essex MVA! You guys are awesome. Even when they were about to close, the lady that I was working with for my new license assisted me to be sure that someone from the titling department could help me with my new title for my car.

They are whatever the opposite of On Notice is.

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