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Sunday, September 16, 2007

2007 Primetime Emmy Awards

Honestly, I'm only watching them tonight because I want to see Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert win something. 60 Minutes is showing Alan Greenspan and diving with sharks, so I may switch over to there now and again (Alan Greenspan + sharks = ???). Like WN did with his blog today on the Ravens game, I'm going to do some updates maybe a little on the Emmy's tonight. After all, this is the first year that I've watched a lot of television since I was in high school...

8:00PM: I missed the red carpet because of football. I really think it's irritating when cartoon characters are on award shows giving out awards or performing. The audience doesn't seem to think it's very funny either.

8:03PM: Todd says, "The audience is bored to tears."

8:07PM: Ryan Seacrest... ugh. Todd says, "This is terrible." I wonder if Seacrest's tie is made out of licorice. I don't like licorice.

8:13PM: Ray Romano was certainly better than Ryan Seacrest, but he cut out for a minute due to technical difficulties. Stupid Fox. Entourage is good, but I would have preferred to see Rainn Wilson win Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy...

8:17PM: I think America Ferrera is beautiful and I don't care that she's not stick-figure thin. ARG! I wanted Hiro to win Best Supporting Actor in a Drama!!! Grr, I hope my shows win something, dammit. They're good shows!!!

8:23PM: Jenna Fisher or Elizabeth Perkins??? Choices.

8:24PM: The answer is... neither. ARG! Am I the only one that doesn't think My name is Earl is that great and is just something to watch while you're waiting for The Office to be on??

8:37PM: The montage of topical one-liners was, um... random. But we got to see Jon and Stephen, so yay!

8:41PM: Writing on a variety show... YAY! What I've been waiting for... NOOOOOOOOOOOO! Not Conan!! Jon or Stephen.!! Hello???????? Grrr.

8:54PM: Another loss for Jon/Stephen. Todd says, "It's amazing that Tony Bennett is still alive. But, he needs to learn a new song."

8:58PM: Ryan Seacrest again... haven't seen him in 40 minutes. He sucks.

9:13PM: I'm confused. They just announced like 3 sets of nominees and then only 1 winner. I know that it's not just that I have had 3/4 of a bottle of wine since the show started... something weird is going on. NPH wouldn't do that!


9:47PM: UGH... Horrible. Why the musical act and then bringing out the cast of The Sopranos?? Are we the only ones who think this was a dumb waste of time? At least I got some work done.

9:55PM: Yay, Lewis Black is on! Best part of the show thus far.

10:20PM: Hooray, The office won something. Thank goodness.

10:48PM: Well, I got to see Steve Carrell pseudo-win, and I got to see Jon & Stephen present an award, and I got to see the dead-people montage, so I guess I've seen it all, haven't I? I'm done with blogging and going to bed soon...


Wacky Neighbor said...

Only heard the wrap up this morning. Glad to see 30 Rock win and I hope it encourages people to watch it, so that it doesn't go off the air like Arrested Development - low ratings, critical acclaim, wins some awards, cancelled. And The Sopranos - that was kind of obvious. And Terry O'Quinn for Lost, although that's a year or two late. Otherwise, pretty underwhelmed with the winners. And the show itself looked terrible (did they have 360 degree seating)?

As for Ray Romano (and Sally Field among others) - that was the censors, not technical difficulties. Hooray, 21st century!

Kim said...

I'm not a Sopranos person, and I was underwhelmed with what I did see of the Sopranos... However, I just started watching 30 Rock a few weeks ago and I'm really liking it thus far. Haven't seen Ugly Betty, but it's my type of show. Sorry to see Heroes completely overlooked, The Colbert Report overlooked AGAIN, and as much as I like Tony Bennett, awards for musicians are what the Grammys are for.

I figured out it was censors much later - when Sally Field was on, I think - and it annoys me because they take all of the fun out of live award shows... But I guess we can blame the FCC for that, because knowing Fox they'd certainly show whatever. I wonder if uncensored remarks will be on Youtube?

I never mentioned the 360 seating last night. It was interesting at first, but I maintain that theatre in the round does NOT work for television and should never be used. Even worse, they seemed to put most of the really big winners in the back... WTF? I'd think they'd put the really peon-like people back there. I really did think that the cast of the Sopranos were going to shoot someone.

In all, the show itself seemed kind of slapped together, everyone seemed pretty confused about everything, and the only real highlights were unplanned and unscripted. Let's move the Emmy's back to whatever network they were on last year... last year I really enjoyed them.

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