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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Wardrobe Update: Wacky Bunny Shoes

No, I didn't buy these... but.... aren't they weird?

Bunny Wedges


Abby said...

hmmm.... I think I'd consider wearing them if the ears were flat against them rather than sticking out. I guess that means *I'm* weird.

Kim said...

...Thought about it some more... Maybe I could wear them out once or twice just with friends to be cute, but never to work (which is what I'm mostly shopping for these days). But, with a $55 price tag, probably not... so, I maintain that I wouldn't buy them.

Honestly, though, if I'd did see someone wearing them I'd probably be like "hey, those are cool..." So, Abby, buy away ;) I won't think you're weird. I would, however, think the shoes were somewhat weird (especially as an offering from Nordstrom of all places)

Mary said...

Those shoes are cute on only 2 types of people:

1. 16 year old girls
2. Abby, because there are certain fashion risks that one can get away with if one is little and cute and able to pull off irony.

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