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Sunday, September 2, 2007

Workout Peeves

Sandra reminded me of some peeves that I've thought about posting and never have...

Just like Sandra, I love cyclists, I know people that are bikers, some that are swim/bike/runners ;) and some that just go out on the trail for fun once in a while. I like to think of those that are out on the trail as people that are in this with us, fighting heat and sun and exhaustion for hours at a time just like us runners. But sometimes... you guys get on my nerves.

First of all, when approaching a group of runners or walkers, pass on the LEFT SIDE, not the right. And shout "on your left" as you approach so that we know you're there. Trust me, after running 10+ miles, we are a little delirious and may not hear you. Tired of shouting? Get a bell or horn. Tired of all of us walkers/runners taking up the trail? Sorry, we get tired of bikers whizzing by us too fast and too close.

Now, I walk 1/3 of the time, I realize this. But the walkers that get on my nerves are those that are completely oblivious to my running. After 15+ miles, it becomes very difficult to turn or go around anyone. Please realize this. Please don't walk 4 and 5 abreast, complete with dog on a leash. And please don't stop abruptly in front of me. And please make sure that your kids, whether on foot or bike, don't run in front of me and stay out of my way.

When I am running on the road, and there is a road which I have to cross and I'm waiting for you to pass, if you are the only car around, just go. Don't wait and waive me across. Everyone will get through faster if you just go. I hate hobbling across the road in front of a car whose driver is watching me cross the street. And when you do decide to just go, please hurry up!!

Also, please don't look at me as you drive past. Never seen a person running before?

And about your parked cars... don't park them across the sidewalk!! I understand if you're having a party and it's a one-time thing or something, but there are houses that consistently have cars parked across the sidewalk and it is IRRITATING.

While we're at it, don't block the sidewalks with your basketball hoops either. Basketball hoops are evil things anyway (you can put them up ANYWHERE and then I have to listen to the boom boom boom of a basketball bouncing on a constant basis), but to just leave them across the sidewalk is frickin' inconsiderate.

Don't leave toys in the sidewalk either. Have your kids pick them up... who leaves toys laying around in the yard all the time anyway?? Sidewalks are dangerous enough with their cracks and occasional unevenness.

... I know there's more, I'm just forgetting them.

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