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Monday, October 22, 2007

6 Days to 26.2

I did my last long run of MCM Training tonight. Yes, tonight, because Saturday morning went something like this...

KIM (turning off alarm): NO! I want to SLEEP!!!! (Rolls over, goes back to bed)
TODD: Sounds good to me... Zzzz...

And Sunday was more of the same.

So, tonight I ran 6 1/2 miles of hills (instead of 8 miles of trail). And now I just have to do 2 little runs this week and then Saturday I make my trek into DC and then Sunday I will torture myself for 6 hours. Huzzah!

I have really not thought a whole lot about the marathon, at least in terms of pain or sweat or mental anguish or anything that would make me nervous. And while I've gone to great lengths to not think about it, I noticed today while I was staring blankly at some Java code that I've been nervously chewing on my nails and such. Still, I'm trying REALLY REALLY hard not to think about it.

So, driving home I was focusing on the positive things. For example, that moment when you start running and you're crossing the starting line and the highway is lined with spectators, so many you'd never pick anyone out as being someone you know... Plus, friends are there with you and everyone's cheering and music is playing and you can't help but be like HELL YEAH! Marine Corps is great for that, because while there were a lot of people at Disney, not a lot of spectators at the starting line (plus it starts in the dark), although Disney has fireworks, which is a plus.

Or seeing friends and family along the course, getting excited knowing they're going to be up ahead and you can stop and say hi.

Or getting past mile 20 and realizing if you've beat the bridge, you can crawl in and you'll still finish... Yet, thinking "ugh, still a 10k race to go..." NO! POSITIVE THINGS!

Or crossing the finish line and being frickin' glad you're done and trying to decide if you should just lay down on the ground or what (the answer is that if you lay down on the ground, you don't get back up, so the best thing is a shower).

6 days.... 6 days.... 6 days...

Side note: While I was writing this, Todd saw picasa up on my screen and leaned over in a "hey! What photos are you looking at?" kind of way and then saw it was marine corps photos and said, "Oh God. I don't want to look."

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