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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Baltimore Running Festival 2007

Yesterday was the Baltimore Marathon, Half Marathon, Marathon Relay and 5k. I had done my running before hand (running 9 miles at 6:15am), and then we headed down to do our cheering for the marathon.

It was a beautiful day for a race, the weather was perfect. We were at mile marker 20 for the full marathon and mile marker 8 for the half marathon. There were some pretty tired looking people.

Wacky Neighbor was running the half, and I was there to cheer. Also running were Fleet Feet's Debbie, Rose, Michelle and Gary... and a guy dressed like a can of Miller Lite. I also saw Elvis, a guy wearing a big afro, a guy in a tuxedo... and two guys who are also running Marine Corps!

I couldn't make it to the finish line, but at mile 8, WN looked great (as did everyone, actually).

Sue, Debra & Todd

Giving out candy & cheering

Mile 8

Wacky Neighbor looking great!

Wacky Neighbor at Mile 8

Debbie at Marathon Mile 20


Rose and Michelle

The Miller Lite Can was running the Relay

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