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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Running Update

Right now, things are ok but not great.  I tried a weekday short run last night and I had pain in my calf.  I knew that if I continued to run, after a mile or so it would go away or at least lessen, but I also know from before that if I continue to run through it, it won't heal or go away and it will get progressively (although relatively slowly) worse.  So, I chose to stop running and walk back home after roughly a third to a half mile last night.

The right foot/arthritis problem is fine, I have a bit of minor pain on the pinky toe side of my foot and the big toe joints on both feet are a little sore because I've been screwing with them, doing things like "Hey Todd, how far does YOUR big toe bend?  Let's try mine."  Nothing really unusual.

So, I'm really just fighting the calf.  Do I see a doctor?  What type of doctor?  Orthopedist doesn't make sense.  As much as I'd love to say that I should get a sports massage when it bothers me, that's going to get mighty expensive quickly (yes, I bought a massage package when I went in last week, but part of that is for my pre-marathon massage in October... Oh crap, it's October now.  Blah).

I'm trying to get the marathon info together, both for those that wish to come down and see me run and those that just want to track me online.  Congrats to Davida, also, for running the Berlin Marathon on Sunday!!! 

Also, too, if anyone knows of a good place to get pasta or pizza or both in the Arlington/Crystal City/Pentagon/Rosslyn area, I would be much appreciative.  It's ok if it's in DC, too, as long as it is very close to a metro stop.  I'm also looking for POST-marathon meal recommendations in the same area (not in greater DC, after the marathon I'd prefer to stay close to the hotel).  Post marathon meals are very tasty, but not too too greasy or heavy.


Nick said...


Cafe Italia 519 23rd St. Crystal City (Arlington)

Post Marathon:

Tapas: Jaleo
They have sangria too.

Bison: Ted's Montana Grill Crystal City.

Of the two, I'd go for Jaleo.

Mary said...

I'd agree that Jaleo might be a good idea if it's close enough. Lots of small courses would probably be better on a post-marathon stomach.

If you do see a dr. about your calf muscle, it would be an orthopedist. When Nick was having arm and shoulder muscle pain, the orthped looked at him, determined he was just overdoing repetitive work at the computer and sent him to occupational therapy twice a week for a month, which did wonders.

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