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Monday, October 29, 2007

Update on Today...

I'm sore, very sore. Last night, we stayed in the room and I nursed my blisters (even though I had some big ones, for the most part they were a non-issue). I iced my feet as well. Today, my legs are sore - especially quads. I can't sit on the floor, and my feet are very, very stiff. They'll be ok though...

I'm already starting to forget. It's funny how that happens. I'm looking at race reports from Disney 2007 and shopping for half marathons for 2008.

I'm nuts, yes.


Lyss said...

3/15/2008 Chambersburg Half
4/19/2008 Bridge to Bridge or Dismal Swamp Stomp
5/24/2008 Chestertown 10-miler
6/21/2008 Travel to Duluth? Grandma's (Garry Bjorklund) Half

These are on my radar. C-burg being my first choice. Would love to do all as a series. You're welcome to try them w/ me!

Kim said...

Once I figure it out, I'll post my race schedule. For now, I'm looking at...

January - Disney Marathon
February - Breast Cancer Half Marathon
March - Shamrock 5k (Maybe... I said I wouldn't do that one again)

Then I'll be joining up with the Galloway group again and following that schedule, except that I'm not 100% certain if I'm doing the Annapolis 10M again, and I've already said hands down that I won't be doing the Race For Our Kids 10k, but I plan to do the Survivor 7 instead.

Not sure about marathons/half marathons next year, but right off the bat the one that attracts me the most is the Rock and Roll San Antonio Inaugural Marathon and Half Marathon in November 2008. Look that one up!

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