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Thursday, December 27, 2007

2007: Fitness Year in Review

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Three years ago, I pledged to get serious about diet and exercise. Since then, I've made it a priority to re-commit myself every December 26. It's been an interesting three years. I first was extremely successful, losing 30 pounds, getting myself geared up to run marathons, and being very consistent with the working out. I fell off the wagon a bit in 2006, between moving out of my house and starting marathon training. In 2007, I had some great goals and failed to meet most of them (yep, let's be honest with that). Working out, losing weight and whatnot were not my top priorities for this year, but I still struggled with it somehow all year long.

So, let's review...

Review of Fitness Goals for 2007 (How I did)...
Diet - Starting January 10 (first available day after the marathon), begin tracking foods again. For this year, just get back into maintaining calories and tracking food. Try to increase fiber and decrease sugar.
I did track foods for a while, and I tracked foods on and off all year. I can't say I did it with any consistency beyond February. My diet was horrible, horrible, horrible this year. I can't even be positive at all about it, there is nothing good to say about how I ate this year.
Weight Loss - Get weight back to 155. Shoot for a weight of 150 by the end of the year. Size goal is Old Navy size 10 (current size is 12).
I managed to maintain my weigh this year. This is a success, given how horrible my diet was. My weight as of last week was the exact same as it was the day I ran the Disney Marathon. I've probably gained a pound or two over Christmas, but that will [hopefully] come off quickly. If I can't lose weight, at least I'm not gaining. So, goal not met, but success nonetheless.
Running - Run the Disney Marathon in January and the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler in April. Keep a base mileage of 10-13 miles. Run the Annapolis 10 Miler in August and potentially a half or full marathon in the fall. Achieve a 9 minute mile
Nope. I did run the Disney Marathon. I did not run the Cherry Blossom 10 miler. I did run a lot of races (including the Annapolis 10 miler), and completed my third marathon in October. I did not get a 9 minute mile, although we really didn't do miracle miles past July, so I didn't get the chance.

It's hard to stay positive about running when 2007 was just a bad year for it. I ran a lot of races, the exact schedule I ran in 2006, but I had no PRs and in fact some of my worst times ever - Worst 5k time ever (Pikesville), worst marathon time ever (Marine Corps), worst 10k time ever (Race for Our Kids), worst 10 miler time (Annapolis). Granted, a lot of those races were just the second time I'd completed one, but Pikesville was a big disappointment.
Workouts - Obviously continue running. Begin Cathe rotations again starting January 10 (take it easy for a couple weeks post-marathon, but work up to what I was doing early 2006). Goal of 30+ minutes per day, 5-6 days per week. 45 minutes per day, 6 days per week is ideal.
I kept up with the Cathe workouts into February, but dropped working out entirely somewhere around the end of February. I picked up running again in May, and added cross-training, but leaving my job and starting a new job, and Todd doing the same, created some serious changes in my schedule and what I was capable of doing. I am still trying to work around this.
Weights and Muscle Tone - Regain muscle tone in upper body. Work up to equal the weight that I was using for workouts in March 2006. Find a way to work weights into my marathon training, if I choose to run a marathon in the fall
I tried. I did get some weights in here and there, but I'm still working to get this done consistently.

My lessons for 2007:
  • When weight loss isn't a priority, it doesn't happen.
  • Weight loss during marathon training requires cross-training.
  • Motivation is often hard, and sometimes all you can do is stay on course and not get too off track.
  • Do not schedule a race after your second marathon when your significant other is not intending to run that race with you, and you're used to having him run with you.
Specific Successes for 2007:
  • Cathe lower body workouts in January with no loss of muscle tone from the last time I did them (9 months earlier)
  • Jeff Galloway Marathon training
  • Three 5k races (Gasparilla in February, Shamrock in March and Pikesville in July)
  • One 10k race (Race for Our Kids in June)
  • Annapolis 10 Mile Run
  • Marine Corps Marathon
  • Short-lived habit of swimming laps, first time ever!
  • 62 Scuba dives (for calendar year 2007, I completed 8 in 2006)
Kim's Fitness Goals for 2008
  • Diet - Day one of tracking foods is today. Diet is not the number one priority, but tracking foods should be good enough. Hopefully, get the workouts going and the diet will follow.
  • Weight Loss - No specific weight loss goals this year, as I am trying to take the focus off of the number on the scale. If the workouts come, the diet will follow and weight loss is surely to be the result. At a minimum, maintain around 170 pounds.
  • Running - Run the Disney Marathon in January. Run a half marathon in the fall. NO MORE FULL MARATHONS for 2008. Keep up with 2-3 runs per week, and a base of only about 6 miles through the spring. Potentially run the Jacksonville Breast Cancer half marathon in February, although that is partially up in the air.
  • Workouts - Goal of 30 minutes per day, 5 days per week, starting today. Focus on running and upper body weight training through the disney marathon. If we are running the Breast cancer race, keep the focus of running through then. Mix in Cathe rotations post-Disney to add variety. Any workout will do.
  • Weights and Muscle Tone - Regain muscle tone in upper body. Work up to equal the weight that I was using for workouts in March 2006.
There you have it. This was a rough one to write, with little success, but I recognize my failures and I'm moving on appropriately.
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