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Monday, December 17, 2007

Diving: One Year

I'm no longer a guppy!
Yesterday, December 16, was my first anniversary of being a certified Open Water Scuba Diver (I had originally thought it was the 14th, but in fact the 14th was the day I left for Key Largo to get my certification). What a year!! I've taken 4 (yes, FOUR) dive trips, and completed 70 open water dives. That many dives in one year, ESPECIALLY the first year of diving, is unprecidented.

What I've found is that I very much enjoy diving. I knew I wanted to try it, but I really didn't realize how much I would like it until we were in Bonaire in May. Yes, I'd already dove in Key Largo, St. Thomas and Epcot Center before that, but those only accounted for a total of 9 dives, where in Bonaire we were diving 3 times a day. The other thing is - I'm actually GOOD at diving. There's nothing I'm good at. I'm a horrible runner, a horrible singer, terrible dancer, hideous artist, and I generally suck at any and all team sports I've attempted. But diving? I get compliments! For an hour dive, I average about 1200 pounds of air still in my tank when I get on the boat (and I'm getting better... I've nearly surpassed Todd in air consumption, but we're about equal right now).

Todd wants me to start carrying a camera while I dive, but I've never fancied myself a photographer. And, I kind of like just having a photographer along. For now, I just dive and enjoy and watch.

So, 2007 was an unusual year for getting diving (and vacations) in. We're looking at less diving time in 2008, but certainly we should be able to manage at least 50 dives this year if everything goes to plan. Perhaps more, who knows? That's right, we're about ready to book our next trip - spring/summer 2008, which will be in the Caribbean. And, I think we might (it's a big might, and it relies on information I only got today) be able to go to the Pacific in the fall...

Hooray for finally finding something I'm good at!

Todd, Kim & a Turtle in Little Cayman (November)


Sandra said...

Congratulations, glad you enjoy it AND are good at it! Happy Christmas!

Todd said...

You are the best diving partner I have ever had and I can't wait for the next trip!

Kim said...

Awww... You're the best dive buddy I've ever had... Wait, you're the ONLY dive buddy I've ever had. Hm.

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