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Monday, December 3, 2007

Little Cayman, November 2007

Kim and Todd took a trip to Little Cayman island, November 23 to December 2, 2007.  We'd been there in June/July 2007 and needed to return for more fun and to see many of the friends that we met before!


Topside Photos - Courtesy of Kim (and some are by Todd)

Underwater Photos - Courtesy of Todd (underwater photos are Copyright Todd Krebs, 2007.  All rights reserved.)

The Resort

We returned to Southern Cross Club Fish and Dive Resort.  It only has 12 rooms, this time our room was in the "Yellow" new cottage.  We were on the top floor for our first 2 nights, and then moved downstairs for the rest of our stay.  We loved the room and had beautiful views from our room out onto the beach.

When we weren't diving, we were resting in the resort's hammocks or Todd could frequently be found playing ring game in the main building (his record is 6 in a row!!). 

Food was much the same as before... healthy things served by Chef Ron.  We had breakfast, lunch and dinner included in our stay.  Omlettes for breakfast, sandwiches or other snacky things for lunch.  Dinners were fish or pork or chicken.  Sometimes dinner was a buffet, sometimes it was a sit down dinner. 

So, a basic day was...

6:00am - Wake up, get ready
6:30am - Actually get out of bed and get ready
7:00am - Breakfast
8:00am - Dive boat departs for 2 tank dives
12:30pm - Back at the resort, have lunch.
2:00pm - Hammock and resting on the beach
4:00pm - Dusk Dive (or, one night we went on a night dive)
6:00pm or so - Cocktail hour
7:00pm - Dinner
8:30pm - Hanging out on the dock under the [full] moon or stars
10:00pm - Back in the room for relaxation / bedtime

New Friends

We met Matt and Ellen (from Indiana) when we visited in July, and they were back again, arriving on Wednesday.  We also met some new friends - Bill and Gerry (also from Indiana), Ann and Paul and family (from Minneapolis), Valerie and Chris (from Pennsylvania) and Tim and Julie (from Texas).


We completed 21 dives.  We arrived at the resort on Friday the 23rd at 4:30pm, but did not have the opportunity to dive the first day like we did the last time.  Our first two diving days we did 2 morning dives, then we did either a dusk dive (4 total) or a night dive (only 1) on all of the other days when we could.  Dusk dives are a lot of fun and an opportunity to see the 4 F's: Fighting, Feeding, Fleeing and Fornicating... :)

Our divemasters were Mark (from London, whom we met last time), Mike (from The Netherlands, awesome at picking out small things), Ryan (from New York), and Chris (manager of the resort and a big fan of swim throughs).  Things we saw on our dives included nurse sharks, Hawksbill Turtles (lots of those!), Caribbean Reef Sharks, Shy Hamlet, Nassau Grouper, lots of Lobsters, Squirrelfish, lots of Barracuda, and many other beautiful fishes and corals.

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