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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Haiku about Lunch

I made my twitter from earlier into a true haiku...

Lean Cuisine in freezer
Is the Lemon Chicken mine?
I can't remember.

I guess that wasn't very good.

Writers strike does suck.
Two hour Biggest Loser.
I miss The Office.


Nick said...

Favre intercepted.
Giants kick chip-shot field goal.
Alas, good Cheese wasted.

Lyss said...

What is that weird sound?
Men clipping their fingernails.
Please do that at home.

Nick said...

Lemon Chicken meal
your pallet it is thwarted
time to go to Giant

Kim said...

BOTH AWESOME. You both crack me up!

Nick said...

I think this could be a good contest.

Kim said...

Ok, so Todd pointed out to me that the first line of my first Haiku there is 6 syllables.


So, here's one about The Bug:

Little pink paw pads.
Cute grey nose and white whiskers.
He is still evil.

Todd said...

Yes, that is a good Bug Haiku, however...

Using the Bug or his likeness in any writing, description, or rebroadcast is strictly forbidden without prior permission. The Bug is trademark of Bugsy Enterprises Incorporated.

(Yes, very evil indeed...)

Nick said...

Actually Todd, it really should have been like this:

The Bug asserts rights
Compensation is required
Evil yes, cheap no

Todd said...

I'm more of a "There was an old man from Nantucket" kind of person myself, but not bad Nick...


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